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How It Feels to Date a Biker?

May 06, 2018 3 min read 0 Comments

How It Feels to Date a Biker?

Comprehending his relationship with his motorcycle is going to prove to be a challenge in the beginning. During the honeymoon phase, you’re going to brush off his whole lifestyle as a mere hobby and say, “He’s so cute when he’s obsessing over his bike.”

But newsflash, it’s more than just a pastime it’s a lifestyle. The longer you see him, the more you’ll learn a thing or two.

1. There’s just something very powerful and sexy about a man riding his motorcycle.

You’ve seen them around before, minding their own business and enjoying their time with their precious 500-pound muse. But when you start dating a biker, you can’t help but notice the carefree way they zip up their leather jackets, wear their helmets, crank up their motorcycles, and speed away into the sunset only to return to your front door the day after. And I don’t know about you, but I think that’s incredibly sexy.

2. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to cultivate your own life.

As you already know, motorcycling is a cool lifestyle. This means that the boyfriend will become busy from time to time attending events, hanging out with his motorcyclist friends, and tending to his bike on a regular basis. While this may make you a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but you’ll learn in time that he’s not doing this to get away from you he’s doing this because this is his passion. Eventually, you’ll learn to appreciate all the free time you have to also do the things that you love.

3. There’s a lot of fun new slangs to learn

Ape hangers. Need I say more? There's a lot to learn when it comes to dating a biker. From the clandestine motorcycle lingo and vocabulary you would only find in motorcycle society. For example, ATGATT, stands for all the gear all the time. Perhaps you will notice the 1%er sign on a patch or tattoo on a black diamond background. This means that 99% of motorcycle riders are law-abiding citizens while the rest make up the dreaded 1%. 

4. You will learn he genuinely loves motorcycling 

Don’t get me wrong, your boyfriend loves you. It’s just that you need to understand that he was a biker before he even met you. And even though you worry all the time, you shouldn’t get in the way of his passion. Motorcycling gives him a profound sense of contentment and identity. For you to take that away would be to strip him of his peace.

5. There’s always a worst-case scenario thing going on in your head.

This is probably the worst part for any girlfriend. Every time he goes out to ride his bike, you’ll always get a nagging feeling that he’s going to get hurt, regardless if he’s just going to the store or riding with his biker buddies to the next state. Motorcycling is dangerous, which is why anxiety is never very far.

6. You will end up getting sucked into the lifestyle as well.

In time, you’ll grow tired of being a passenger. You’ll start to wonder what it would feel like to grip the handlebars instead of his waist SPOILER ALERT: it’s pretty rad! It’s going to haunt you day in and day out until you eventually succumb to the curiosity and end up with an M on your license. The next thing you know, you’re buying your own motorcycle and riding side by side with your beau on dark asphalt, towards the sunset. 

What was it like the first time you dated a biker? Let us know in the comment section below!