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16 Crazy Motorcycle Helmets in 2021

January 12, 2021 9 min read

16 Crazy Motorcycle Helmets in 2021

We love our motorcycle helmets snug, comfy and secure but we also love something taken out of the wild card. These motorbike helmets are the perfect embrace of designs so out-of-the-box, they would easily fit in a sci-fi flick like Iron Man rather than the real world. And what’s more? They are so rare and sparse it would be hard to find another crazy one like them. We are left to wonder and gawk at these extraordinary inventions of our lifetime...

...And before we forget, the coolest motorcycle helmets are designed to offer the highest protection on the road. Their eccentric designs are not the only thing that stands out from them, but also their ability to take on the harshest cruising conditions.

But before we dive deep into these modern helmet marvels, we need to understand where it all began. Even these don’t beat the early helmets of the 1900s - if we are to actually call them helmets- which were quite raw in their construction. For example, a pre-1900 helmet was simply a leather bucket with no cushion or ventilation whatsoever.

You can imagine men tearing the dirt trails, rear tires spinning off and churning out smoke and the only protection on their heads was a thin leather cap. In truth, protection was not a major concern back then and helmets served only to keep hair in place and nothing more. Fast forward to today, and the inventions are mind-boggling. Helmet technologies include smart helmets, Bluetooth connectivity for intercommunications, ventilation for improved air circulation and ample cushioning/dampening. These new technologies have incredibly improved safety and protection and saved thousands of lives from crashes every year.      

In our search for the extraordinary helmets, we managed to find some biker helmets that defy the conventional design styles. They are either too odd or scary or will make you want to buy one yourself tomorrow. Regardless of how you view these helmets, there’s no denying the fact that they will turn heads wherever they are spotted.

In addition, many people have discovered ingenious ways to modify their lids to meet their needs while there are those purely made to mock everything in the norm. We bet you won’t see these crazy motorcycle helmets daily.

1. The Female Terminator Helmet

woman predator motorcycle helmet
The female terminator helmet is a wild invention that shows the badass side of female riders. It is taken straight out of the Terminator movie. Precisely, the helmet puts across a clear message that the female rider is a half-beast with a feminine touch, but all the same dangerous and egregious. The helmet shows two different sides of the same person, portraying a distinct personality to drivers on each side of the rider. And who knows, the rider might be as cold as the Terminator himself- a cyborg assassin- and gentle at the same time.

2. The Wiper-Propeller Helmet

The Wiper-Propeller Motorcycle Helmet

You would think that only car windshields should have wipers, but it turns out helmets can have them too. Although it’s not the first time that we have seen biker helmets with wipers, the one pictured below is a sharp deviation from the usual. The wiper seen here doubles as a propeller to help remove debris and shield the face from projectiles. The only downside is that it obstructs the rider’s visibility. If you can afford to trade off visibility for something unique, then the propeller-wiper helmet would be a great choice. Either way, the wiper-propeller helmet would be better off sticking to traditional motorcycle helmet designs. Am sure no one would feel comfortable with the dizzying propellers buzzing on their face. The next you know is finding yourself in a hypnotic state!    

3. Head Games?

Head motorcycle helmet
Something extraordinary yet relatable? This helmet is confusing and fascinating at the same time. The seamless paint on the helmet matches the skin of the rider and features a realistic ear. Many would confuse the helmet with the head itself, albeit it would be unusually big. Nevertheless, this helmet is an ingenious creation that goes to show you can have something unique and personal while not overlooking the safety and comfort of a real helmet. From afar, other riders and cops wouldn’t tell the difference or would assume you are not wearing any helmet on. I wonder how many people make fun and jest out of this big head helmet.

4. The Skeleton helmet

skeleton motorcycle helmet

You have seen a skull helmet before, but none like this which is molded into a skull. Weird? Isn’t it? But weird can be cool as well. While the helmet may scare off a few, there’s no denying that it stands out from the pack. The eye sockets provide visibility while the skull acts as the shell of the helmet. The eye sockets also act as visors, shielding the rider from the sun and wind. The helmet comes with a nose socket which allows airflow into the helmet. The only point of concern with this marvelous creation is poor visibility. I don’t think the rider will be worried about that as everyone else will be looking at him instead.

5. Double helmet

 double motorcycle helmet

We’ve seen some crazy designs come with a single helmet, but this one takes it to two. This helmet is designed for two riders. That’s the only case such a design would make any sense. It is bulky and quite inconvenient unless you want something eccentric to match your riding exploits. The rider shares the same helmet with the passenger. Consequently, the passenger will have to turn his back to the rider when wearing the helmet. A single rider would have to bear the unnecessary weight of the helmet if he decided to wear it alone. With this design, safety is always a secondary consideration, and the risk for neck injuries is high. It’s not surprising that this kind of helmet would be impractical in most cases, but it is still one of the craziest helmet ideas.


6. The Dark Knight Rises

 dark knight motorcycle helmet

This outlandish helmet echoes its design from the Dark Knight franchise, perhaps representing the heroic acts of its wearers. If you are passionate about saving the world from the looming chaos, then this helmet would be the perfect depiction of your deeds. It features the conspicuous horn-like props, a sun visor to boost visibility and a sturdy shell that can withstand impacts. The only downside is its aerodynamics. The design reduces speed efficiency, and you will feel as if the wind is dragging your head at blistering speeds. Regardless, not many would care about that inconvenience when you have an outstanding piece of a helmet like this.

7. Astronaut

 astronaut motorcycle helmet
Ever wondered how it would feel like to leap around in an astronaut’s suit? For kids, it was a dream to one day be an astronaut and float around in space wearing the gigantic air-sealed helmets. Now, the reality is much closer when you get to wear the astronaut-like helmet mimicking the ones designed by NASA. While our childhood fantasy of space exploration might have died for most of us, this NASA-themed helmet rekindles our childhood obsession and passion. Some bikers are hell-bent on achieving their childhood dream as is evident with their choice of a NASA-themed helmet like the one shown below. The design of this helmet is unique and will turn heads when you are cruising the streets. It offers excellent visibility and protection against the elements.

8. The disco ball helmet

 disco ball motorcycle helmet
For some bikers, the disco ball is reminiscent of the good old days when Cindy Lauper and Roxette dominated the dancefloor with their electric moves. Nowadays, disco balls are pretty much out of fashion, and you will find them used as decorative features at a house party. Regardless, many bikers are turning to disco balls as inspiration for new motorcycle helmet designs. Perhaps to conjure the nostalgia of the ’80s and bring up memories of the magical times. This helmet has a shiny, reflective shell that will instantly attract eyeballs. While the past was precious, sometimes it’s best to move on.

9. Alien’s Face?

alien face motorcycle helmet
The human race is still trying to find intelligent life from outer space. We look forward to the day when a saucer-shaped spaceship will descend to earth with extraterrestrials. For sure we don’t know how they will look like. But it must be something close to this helmet’s depiction. Anyone who wants a helmet that resembles the face of an alien should buy this one. It is spooky enough to scare even the bravest men when a rider pulls up next wearing this helmet. The bolts located on the forehead of this helmet add to the mystic quality and make it a unique headgear.

10. Marvel-Inspired 

marvel comics motorcycle helmet
This marvel inspired helmet is determined to look as scary as anything. It is taken straight from Marvel Comics films, and if I were to describe it, I would say it is the helmet that Iron Man would fight against. The design is unique, but you would not give much praise to the helmet’s visibility. How does he get oxygen wearing such as ginormous lid? If the biker has already figured out how to breathe in it, it might be what he needs to scare people and stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, it might be too impractical even to consider wearing it in the first place.

11. Scary Clown Helmet

scary clown motorcycle helmetWe’ve all had the tense moments after reading Stephen King’s Itnovel and the movie adaptation of the same. But the nightmare did not end there. Bikers have borrowed inspiration from the Clown used it to make great helmet designs. Although the design is earth-shattering, some road users might feel uncomfortable riding next to you. But that’s the point: to deviate from the norm and have something that solicits reactions from people. Bikers are known to be generous and welcoming people, but the sight of a clown helmet will make others think you are some badass. No driver will think about messing with you.

12. Cyborg metallic skull

Cyborg metallic skull motorcycle helmetThe Cyborg metallic skull helmet is one a kind. The skull symbol is instantly recognizable by riders as it holds various means in the biker subculture. First of all, the image is synonymous with danger and death. It also represents the rebellious history of riders and motorcycle enthusiasts across the many years that have defined it. It goes to show that riders can possess these unique abilities that set them apart from the rest of society. One thing though is that the helmet is cumbersome and heavy and might not be very comfortable. But if you can ignore the pain to look cool and spectacular, then this is the right helmet to scare away children.

13. The Grinning Helmet

 grinning motorcycle helmetThere is something spooky about the grinning helmet. The shiny white ‘teeth’ are the main piece of attraction and resemble a grinning face that is not so friendly after all. This helmet comes with a sun visor to keep off the sun’s glare, which also doubles as ‘sunglasses’ for the rider. I struggle to understand why anybody would choose this helmet. There is minimal air circulation, and you might feel like you are baking in an oven. I suppose most people who would buy this helmet are attracted to its mysterious quality more than anything else.

14. Predator Helmet

predator motorcycle helmetThe Predator sci-fi movie was a great inspiration for this helmet. Many children might have gotten nightmares for watching the film itself. But it seems as though bikers want to immortalize their childhood experience with this spine-tingling invention. Arnold Schwarzenegger must be really proud to have an army of Predators who wish to save hostages from extraterrestrial warfare. Nevertheless, this helmet is scary enough yet a marvelous work of creation. If you are like most people, you would be wary of pulling up next to a rider wearing this particular helmet.

15. Bumblebee 

bumblebee motorcycle helmet
The Transformers character, Bumblebee, has been a source of inspiration for this helmet. If you are a true fan of the Transformers, then you might want to get your hands on this helmet. It is designed with striking similarities to the character and includes an antenna that shoots up when you are checking a blind spot. If you wear this helmet, you will look more like Bumblebee, which can be a good thing if you are young. Considering that the character mainly appeals to a young audience, you might be at odds wearing this on your cruiser journey.  

16. The Ghost Limited Edition Helmet

 The Ghost Limited Edition Motorcycle Helmet

This particular helmet is manufactured by Bandit, a helmet company known for producing numerous eccentric motorcycle helmet designs. The brand has lived up to its popularity in the motorcycle community of creating a masterpiece. The helmet’s design is striking, with a pale white color that reverences the dark powers. It features two-fang like protrusions from the chin bar, which add to its mystic quality. While the helmet will most likely draw attention to the rider, the visibility is not so great. Also, the design of the helmet compromises certain safety aspects. Hence, it is not advisable to make this your daily helmet or when going for the extreme cruise journeys.

In Conclusion

No matter which helmet design strikes your nerve, it is clear to see that these are the wildest motorcycle helmets in recent times. Notably, a majority are inspired by fictional characters and the trend continues to the foreseeable future. Most likely we are going to see an expanding catalog of futuristic helmets in the coming years.