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How to Carry your Motorcycle Gear off the Bike

August 23, 2019 3 min read 0 Comments

How to Carry your Motorcycle Gear off the Bike

It can be a real pain to have to carry your helmet or other gear with you wherever you go. If you commute to work on your bike or have the intent of getting off your bike for an extended period, the storage of your gear and other stuff becomes a top consideration.

If you are headed out on a trip that could last anywhere from two weeks, you may need to pack more stuff for the journey. Whether it’s an extra pair of pants, a few shirts, motorcycle boots, and other accessories, soon everything starts to add up.

 It’s rather obvious that most motorcycles were not designed to carry large quantities of anything. It is no wonder that riders have devised ways to carry their luggage along on the journeys. So how do riders haul gear on and off their bikes? Here is a rundown of the most innovative ways that riders have come up with to solve the storage dilemma.  


When you are not riding from coast to coast or traversing the whole length of the desert, a motorcycle backpack could be just what you need for the journey. On the occasional day-trip, you could pack your files, rain gear, water bottles and snacks, and other essentials that you need in your backpack. This might be all that you need on the trip.


A lot of riders with cruisers will find that they need more storage to carry their luggage. Saddlebags come in handy for the long rides and provide more room for the bigger luggage. There are plenty of motorcycle saddlebags that you can choose to fit with the model of your bike. If you like to keep things simple and clean, you can opt for the more stylish saddlebags made from material such as leather. The only downside to these improvisations is that they will affect the cool factor of your bike with the extra additions.

Back-rest bags

Do you own a cruiser? Want to transform it to a touring bike? Then the all-in-one luggage motorcycle bags which double as a back-rest will prove to be useful. You probably have seen this improvisation which many can describe as a life-saver for the long trips.

Hard saddlebags

If you are looking for a little bit more protection for the contents of your luggage, then hard leather saddlebags should be your choice. Unlike, soft saddlebags, the hard ones are better at protecting your stuff, although they come at a higher price.

Rear seat haulers

When traveling alone, the most convenient place to carry your luggage is on the passenger seat. Nowadays, many companies are providing rear-seat bags that make the carrying process more comfortable and more convenient.

Tail bags

Tail bags are attached to the tail of your motorcycle and allow you to store a wide array of items while keeping them secure and stowed on the bike. They also come in all manner of fashion and style to suit your particular taste while making you stand out from the crowd. If you are ever looking for something simple and convenient for storage on the short journeys, then tail bags are your go-to options.

Tank bags

Tank bags are so popular among riders and provide ample storage for your essentials, especially for the long trips. That’s why they are revered religiously by bikers who would never skip on them.

How you carry your motorcycle gear also depends on several things like how long you are going to be off your bike. For example, if you are out to get some grocery or at a stop, ideally you would leave your helmet secured with a high-quality gun lock or carry it with you.

Other times you may decide to leave your helmet unsecured if you are going for a quick in an out although you need to park your bike in a high visibility area where you and others can see. At times, you may be in doubt of whether to leave or take your gear with you. The best option would be to carry your gear along and take it wherever you are going. Overall, you should assess the situation and decide the best method of storage or taking your luggage together.