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The 10 Best Touring Motorcycles in 2020

May 12, 2020 7 min read 0 Comments

The 10 Best Touring Motorcycles in 2020

Planning to go on a long ride or road trip and wondering which the best motorcycle for comfort and safety is? Worry not. We have created a list of the most reliable motorcycles that will make your touring worthwhile and safe. In coming up with this list, we focused on functionality, adaptability of the motorcycle and how safe and comfortable these touring motorcycles are.  

Let’s face it: there is nothing quite like exploring the world on your beloved motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle gives the freedom and thrill of exploring new frontiers without restrictions like those of a car. You get to feel every sense of the environment you are riding in, the sight, smell and general atmosphere. This engaging way of touring is what makes motorcycle riding so unique and popular among motorcyclists.

Any motorcycle can be taken out on a long distance journey, but this will only make matters worse for you. You will soon find yourself fatigued and experiencing all sorts of muscle cramps, burnt body and a painful groin. That’s why manufacturers have designed different types of motorcycles for different riding purposes.

For instance, sport bikes are ideal for fast racing on tracks, scooters and mopeds for smoothed city paths, while off-road bikes are built for the rugged dirt roads. If you are kind of a crosser, you might choose adventure motorcycles which are home in off-road conditions and paved roads. The best touring motorcycles not only make your riding safe and more comfortable, but also more convenient and practical.

This list includes long distance motorcycles that are ideal for any type of road trip. The bottom line for these touring motorcycles is that they must be functional and have plenty of storage. Let’s dig in, shall we?

1. Honda Goldwing GL 1800

First on our list is the Honda Goldwing GL 1800. It’s no surprise that the Goldwing is one of the most popular Japanese motorcycles in America owing to its power, performance and dependability over the years. Honda has made a name for itself in manufacturing some of the most popular motorcycles in the world. 

The Honda Gold Wing first came into the scene in 1975 and has long remained a juggernaut in the touring motorcycles segment. It combines engineering ingenuity with utmost comfort and protection. The bike feels much lighter than it actually is, thanks to clever design. It has plenty of luggage compartments that will make it easier for you to carry your stuff on the long hauls. 

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature that makes the Honda Goldwing a proper touring motorcycle is the automatic transmission, known as DCT. This particular transmission is seamless and convenient for taking on long distance journeys. Recent iterations of the Goldwing model are even more efficient and suited for long distance riding. The only downside with recent models is the reduction in storage which many fans are not happy about. 

Nevertheless, the Honda Goldwing is a staple in the best touring motorcycles in 2020 and a deserving member of this list.  

2. Harley Davidson Electra Glide/Touring Line

The Harley-Davidson brand needs no introduction. The Electra Glide is one of Harley-Davidson’s most capable motorcycle for touring. This motorcycle will reignite your senses with its pulsing Milwaukee-Eight V-twin engine which is available in two variants, 114 cu in and 107 cu in.

The Harley- Electra Glide has a smooth torque and a flawless ride that will make your road trips a breeze. Decades of perfection in performance and comfort make the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide a staple in the American touring motorcycle segment.

While Harley continues to innovate in an ever-changing world, most enthusiasts will appreciate the badass image that the brand has maintained over the years. The Electra Glide combines the classic rebellious touch without foregoing comfort and performance. This particular bike is a respectable tourer in 2020, and continues to show other brands how it’s done. 

3. Ducati Multistrada

There is simply nothing that the Multistrada can’t do. It combines comfort with unrelenting performance, capping its place in the most preferred touring motorcycles in 2020. This Italian masterpiece is the answer to your touring needs. It is also good for daily commutes as you navigate the city streets.

If you want a little more of a punch, the sport bike soul of the Ducati Multistrada will make the flat runs something to look forward to. It has a semi-active suspension and a self-adjusting windshield that is very hand for tourers. The traction control helps keep the motorcycle grounded as you close in on the horizons.

4. Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS

This top-of-the-line model from MV Augusta is a stunning touring motorcycle that we could not omit from this list. It is light, agile and comes with just enough power to take you to far off destinations. The Turismo Veloce Lusso comes equipped with luggage compartments, a smooth electronic suspension, adjustable ride modes, heated grips and a load of high-tech gadgetry.

We loved the fact that, the Veloce Lusso is a versatile choice that not only excels as a long distance motorcycle, but also shines as a sportbike; evidence that it comes from a company renowned for sportbikes.

The ride quality of this bike is a prize with the semi-active suspension. Veloce Lusso has a tight steering that makes you feel like you are riding a true sport bike and gives you control when meandering the tightest turns.

5. Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS

The Kawasaki Vulcan earns its place as one of the best long distance motorcycles. The behemoth beneath produces 72.5 horsepower and 107-lb-ft of torque from a throaty 1700cc V-twin engine. It features a sleek classic design with a vintage touch that makes you feel like you are riding in the 70s. The bike has room for both driver and passenger and comes with built-in hard saddlebags and a top case large enough to house two helmets. The advanced ABS system, cruise control system and an intercom headset complete the package. 

6. Victory Cross Country Tour

The Victory Cross Country tour means business when it comes to the touring scene. Its design is appealing and more sport-like but its soul is made to take on the cross country. Besides the progressive styling and a large powerful, V-twin engine, tourers will love the baggage capacity and the front windshield which provides adequate wind protection.

When it comes to handling the Cross Country Tour feels alive and reliable with a stable performance in a straight line.

Overall, the ride quality of this bike is excellent and worth the praise. This touring motorcycle gives you a lot of options when it comes to customization and you will be spoilt for choice.

Your riding experience will certainly be enhanced with the tech features available to you including cruise control, built-in radio with four speakers, power outlets, ABS, and a throaty exhaust.

7. BMW K 1600 GTL

The BMW K 1600 GTL is an acclaimed king of the land of touring sport bikes thanks to its agility, speed and maneuverability. This sport touring bike exudes luxury while feeling nimble and responsive at the twist of a wrist. It features a 1649cc in-line six which delivers a mighty 160 horsepower and 129 pound feet of torque.

The GTL will easily gobble up the snaky canyon roads and provide you the thrill of a lifetime as you eat up the hard miles of the open road. It has an electronically adjustable suspension that smoothens out the bumpy roads for a seamlessly comfortable ride. The precise handling, relaxed seating position, heated grips, wind protection and plenty of storage room, make the GTL a great travel companion.

It is no wonder it is one of the best touring motorcycles and a top selling model for BMW. This big German machine is well set up to take on the roads while remaining high up on ground clearance with an incredible balance.

8. Suzuki V-Strom 1050 ABS

The V-Strom 1050 ABS is a proper Adventure sports motorcycle carrying a 1037 cc 2-Cylinder V-twin capable of producing 106 horsepower. This Japanese motorcycle is well adapted for off-road and on-road conditions. It features a fully adjustable suspension, traction control and dirt tires designed to take on the dirt roads.

The V-Strom has an airy feel with its raised seating height although the ground clearance is quite low. The seating position is upright and feels well-placed and ergonomic. The smart traction control system keeps the bike grounded by constantly monitoring the road conditions and adjusting the bike for optimized performance. 

The luggage cases of the bike provide plenty of storage room to carry your essentials on the long trips. There’s also room for additional gear compartment in case you need more than you already have.  

9. Triumph Tiger Explorer XRT

The Triumph Tiger Explorer XRT is an adventure touring motorcycle that deserves its place on this list. It has a powerful 1200cc engine that puts out 139 horsepower at 9350 rpm. This British touring motorcycle comes with plenty of amazing features like cruise control, ABS suspension, and wind protection. Whether you are on the motorway, or mud tracks, the Tiger Explorer XRT will not disappoint. 

Its contemporary eye-catching design is matched with flawless ergonomics that will make your riding comfortable. The XRT comes fully-loaded with high tech gadgetry that are focused on helping you have road-focused adventures. If you crave a custom riding experience, then you have up to 4 preset riding modes and single custom programmable mode. 

10. Indian Roadmaster

With its vintage appearance, the Indian Roadmaster brings an air of uniqueness and quality. Despite drawing from vintage looks, it is as modern as they come. It is loaded with high tech features and state-of-the-art technologies like Bluetooth, heated grips, heated seats, Pandora music app, remote locking hard bags, keyless start, GPS and more. This touring bike has 1890 cc V-twin engine with six speed transmission.

For a long time, Indian has continued to produce top of the range touring bikes that provide alternatives to mainstay brands like Harley-Davidson. The 2020 Indian Roadmaster is the latest iteration from the brand that is well known for great bikes and great value.

The best touring motorcycles in 2020 come equipped with power, performance and style. They are well-adapted to take the long arduous journeys while keeping you safe and comfortable.