Whether you are gearing up for a winter hike or a mountain adventure on your bike, a balaclava face mask is the head protection that you need against the harsh winter. Choose from a wide variety of styles and colors to suit your personal taste.

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      Typically, a balaclava face mask covers your head and also your neck, with an opening on the front that exposes your mouth and nose. This opening can be a single opening or separate holes depending on the design that you decide to go for.

      A motorcycle full face mask comes in handy for protection against the cold weather. Most motorcycle face masks are made out of different types of material ranging from heavyweight polar fleece to neoprene, or a lightweight baselayer fabric.

      Why you should wear a balaclava?

      There are numerous reasons why you should consider wearing a motorcycle face mask, or a balaclava face mask. If you haven’t worn one before, we will help you see some advantages of wearing a balaclava face mask.

      Keeps you warm and dry

      Part of the reason why you should consider wearing a balaclava face mask is because of the protection it provides against the cold, and wind. If you like to go out on a hunt, skiing, or snowshoeing, a balaclava face mask becomes an essential part of your outfit. If you are riding your motorcycle during winter, a balaclava is as useful as a motorcycle face mask and will do as good a job in protecting your face from the cold wind, keeping you warm and comfortable. It is easily compatible with a motorcycle helmet so you don’t have to worry about wearing both at the same time. Balaclavas make your winter exploits more worthwhile, comfortable, and safe, no matter how dire the weather turns out to be. You can rest assured that you will stay toasty and snug in one of our high-quality balaclavas.

      Protects your head

      Besides keeping you warm and snug, a balaclava face mask adds a crucial layer of protection in case you get involved in a motorcycle accident. The simple way that a balaclava face mask works are by providing insulation to the most crucial parts of your head and neck. This is an inexpensive way to providing added protection layer than say if you bought a separate hat, headband, neck tube, or face mask.

      Comes in numerous design choices

      The good thing about motorcycle face masks and balaclavas is that they can be found in a variety of appealing designs and styles that suit your personal taste. Whether you want a custom balaclava skull face mask, or a camo style balaclava, there are numerous exciting designs for you to consider. The bottom line is, these balaclava face masks are designed for maximum functionality and adaptability.

      Makes you look badass

      Stand out from the crowd by wearing a stylish badass balaclava. Whether you want to remain anonymous or simply look badass, a superior balaclava face mask helps you achieve all that and more. There’s no arguing with the fact that wearing a balaclava adds to your badass demeanor. Just make sure you don’t enter a bank wearing it on your face!

      Maintains your hygiene

      When it is hot outside and you are wearing a motorcycle helmet, sweating is inevitable. This can cause a lot of discomfort as you battle the excess heat and sweatiness. Helmets are not inherently breathable and therefore sweating occurs which leads to discomfort. The inner foam of your helmet ends up absorbing most of the sweat which can lead to odors and bacteria. As a result, there is a considerable compromise in hygiene which is harmful to your health. A lightweight balaclava mask under your helmet helps to absorb the sweat and then you can easily wash it after. This helps to maintain your overall hygiene which is good for your health.

      Are balaclava face masks legal?

      For the most part, wearing a balaclava face mask is legal when wearing it for the sole purpose of keeping your face warm while enjoying life in the great outdoors. However, if your intention is to conceal your identity in order to commit a crime, then you may encounter legal problems.   

      History of the balaclava

      The balaclava derives its name from the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean war of 1854. British soldiers wore knitted headgear that covered the top and lower portion of their face, exposing only the eyes. The purpose of wearing this type of knitted headgear was to keep warm during the battle of Balaclava. The town of Balaclava was nearby and this name was taken up and associated with these unique headwear worn by the troops. While traditionally balaclavas were made of wool, they are now made of a variety of materials including silk, bamboo, fleece, neoprene, and others. They are worn for protective purposes by security personnel, firefighters, electrical workers, race car drivers, motorcyclists, and so on.