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Do you dread the debris and dust when you ride? Do you hate when the wind blows your hair right into your face and eyes? Or are you looking to stand out and make a fashion statement in a traditional bandana?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions then count yourself lucky. At American Legend Rider, we have the best motorcycle face mask for comfort riding and protection against the wind and elements.

These stylish biker bandanas are light, comfortable, and help keep off bugs, drain away sweat and cushion you against cold weather. Whether you are cruising down the high way or are simply looking for something stylish to match with your motorcycle gear, our wide range of motorcycle face masks and biker bandanas is all you need. Explore our collection below.

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What are the benefits of biker bandanas and motorcycle face masks?

A motorcycle face bandana has numerous benefits that include safety and protection against projectiles, air pollution, and dust. All of which can destroy a riding experience and make your motorcycle riding even dangerous. There are various types of biker bandanas that you can find including stylish skull bandanas, motorcycle face bandanas, and motorcycle face masks. Motorcycle bandanas are some of the most widely used apparel when it comes to motorcycle face masks. They not only provide protection against dust, air pollution, and debris but also keep away the cold.

Some of the key reasons why you should consider wearing a biker bandana include;

Protects your against bugs and wind

Wind and bugs can be intrusive and hamper your riding experience. Traveling on a motorcycle should be a thrill-filled adventure free from interruptions like dust getting into your eyes, or wind blowing your hair. To prevent this from occurring, a biker bandana comes in handy. On the other hand, a motorcycle face mask helps keep away the dirt and polluted air from reaching your lungs. Motorcycle bandanas are made out of high-quality cotton with the ability to protect your face and head from raucous wind and still maintain the right temperature while riding.

Keeps your head cool

Sweat is the enemy of great riding experience. Wearing a biker bandana will keep your head cool and wick away the sweat, leaving you feeling refreshed and cool. The way this works is by cooling effect as a result of evaporation. The head bandana absorbs the sweat through the fabric which then evaporates because of the high temperatures. As the absorbed sweat evaporates, a cooling effect is produced which keeps you feeling refreshed even when in the hot temperatures. With these high-quality bandanas, you can say goodbye to the summer heat and keep your head cool when you really have to.

 Stylish designs and patterns

Motorcycle head bandanas are available in a variety of styles, including the most popular skull bandana design. You can choose from different shapes, funky patterns, colors, impressions, and plain designs to suit your personal style. Whether you want to display a rebel image or a toned-down appearance, you can decide to go for an edgy skull bandana, a flag face mask, or a high visibility bandana. Biker bandanas are also fashion icons that show people around you what you are made of. If you want to be seen in high regard, opt for the wildest design.

Keeps you warm in cold weather

Besides keeping you cool in the hot summer months, a biker bandana helps retain warmth during the cold winter months. If you are wearing anything other than a full-face motorcycle helmet, a motorcycle bandana worn over your face and mouth will act as a motorcycle face mask. It will keep your face and nose warm when it is cold outside and keep insects out of your teeth. Breathing in cold weather can be pretty difficult and that is why a biker bandana, which can double as a motorcycle face mask will be useful in this situation.

Keeps your hair intact

It’s no secret that a helmet can pretty much mess your well-plaited hair and make you look all jacked up once you remove it from your head. Wearing a head bandana can hide your bad hair pretty easily or prevent it from getting messy after a long ride. Wearing a bandana under your helmet helps keep the oil and sweat off the padding of the helmet; this way your helmet stays clean.

Keeps sweat and hair out of your face and eyes

There’s nothing pesky like riding a motorcycle with sweat getting into your eyes, or wind blowing hair into your face. Something seemingly trivial as sweat getting into your eyes or hair blocking your view can have serious consequences that affect your safety on the road. A motorcycle bandana keeps sweat and hair at bay, allowing you to concentrate on the road ahead without disruptions. Your riding can be uncomfortable if you happen to struggle with keeping away the dripping sweat or untied hair.

How to wear a head bandana

When it comes to accessories for bikers, the motorcycle head bandana is a classic and timeless choice. This simple yet versatile accessory has the ability to transform your style while serving its function of keeping you warm or cold depending on the weather outside. If you are looking to add a stylish edge to your already cool biker gear, then a head bandana is the missing piece of the puzzle.

It is no wonder that a bandana is associated with bikers, and also pirates because it helps you make a statement without trying too hard. For a biker, ahead bandana is a must-have accessory that compliments any look and can be worn for a variety of casual occasions, biker club meetings, and festivals, and so on.

Below, we are going to look at the best way to match your biker bandana, whether be it a skull bandana, brightly colored bandana, or simply a plain subdued motorcycle bandana.

Around the head

If you want a bold or a rock n roll look, you can opt to tie your bandana around the head. This style is popular with musicians, entertainers but also a good style for bikers who are looking to make a bold fashion statement. If you have long hair, this is also a perfect style that bodes well with your locks.  To achieve this look, begin by choosing the perfect head bandana, with the right colors that you want or pattern.

You can decide to go for a neutral color like black, or opt for a high visibility shade like hue, orange or yellow. Once you have the perfect motorcycle bandana selected, it is time to lay it flat. Fold it lengthways multiple times until it forms a rectangle a long rectangle. Tuck the loose corners of the bandana and tie it around your head. You can wear a helmet, preferably an open face, or half-helmet to complete the look. 

What materials are bandanas made from?

Motorcycle face masks and skull bandanas face masks that can be made out of a variety of materials including cotton, polyester, and elastane. This ensures they are durable and able to provide protection against the elements.