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      Make your riding experience safer, more comfortable, pleasurable and far more enjoyable with a wide range of motorcycle riding gear from American Legend Rider. Our high-quality biker gear are known for quality, durability, and safety. Browse our online store to find the best motorcycle apparel at affordable prices from the most popular motorcycle gear brands!

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      Quality, durability, and safety are the golden words that define all our safety gear. Our vast range of motorcycle apparel includes premium leather jackets, motorcycle helmets, riding goggles, biker gloves, leather riding pants, vests, footwear, chaps, body armors and motorcycle accessories.

      We help protect you on the road and reduce any chance of fatalities through our tried and tested riding apparel. Unlike ordinary clothing, biker clothing find in our online store protects you from severe injuries upon impact, and minimizes any chance of abrasions, cuts, wear and tear in the most effective way.


      A key feature that distinguishes American Legend Rider safety gear from the rest, is guaranteed quality. All our safety gear and accessories must pass through a rigorous quality test before they can be presented to the buyer. Forged from high quality materials, our biker clothing, gear and accessories are made with the rider’s needs in mind. Cutting-edge technology is used to manufacture reliable biker gear to suit all types of riders in all environments.

      Custom and handmade biker outfits can be ordered upon request. The end result is usually an amazing masterpiece that will make you the envy of your peers.


      Safety should be your number one priority when looking for biker gear. Whether you are looking to purchase protective eye gear, or riding gloves to fend off the chilly winter, safety is always the first consideration you should make. American Legend Rider safety gear is next to bomb-proof and has worked miraculously in saving lives in collision cases. Our safety gear complies with the old acronym, ATGATT (All the Gear, All the Time) to ensure you are fully protected no matter what the riding conditions are. Investing in high quality, safety gear is the best decision you can make as a rider. Your life depends on this simple decision. We bring all the solutions to you in one place at an affordable price.

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      There is no substitute for durability, and when it comes to motorcycle clothing and gear nothing less should be considered. You want riding gear that will take on the harshest riding environments and still look great on you. There should be no wear and tear or signs of degradation that might put your riding safety in jeopardy. For this reason, spending your hard-earned cash on high quality and durable gear should never be an option but an absolute must.

      At American Legend Rider, we guarantee only quality biker gear from trusted manufacturers. A lot goes into the construction and putting together of every gear piece found in our online store.  This ensures the end result is a strong, authentic and tough piece of gear ready to serve you for many years to come.

      All motorcycle gear is manufactured using advanced safety technology that can cope with the demanding nature of daily driving and extreme moto sports. The fabric material is able to withstand high amounts of pressure, wear and tear, impact, and abrasion without losing its ability to protect you in case of a crash.


      A comfortable piece of biker gear will be easier to wear at all times and make your riding more enjoyable. The level of comfort is determined by the overall quality, fitment, and safety of the type of gear that you choose. At American Legend Rider, we are not only interested in keeping you safe, but also ensuring you have a comfortable and safe ride. Our biker clothing are known for providing unrivaled comfort combined with great convenience. From comfortable biker boots to the highly versatile biker leg bags, your riding experience will go through a complete makeover. Shop with us for a revamped and comfortable riding experience!


      Whether you like the modern biker look or are feeling a bit nostalgic, there’s always a fashion item for you to match with your current mood. Choose from a wide variety of rare but highly prized motorcycle jewelry, accessories and retro-styled gear for the complete look. We make sure you stay safe while rocking stylish clothes. From biker earrings, gothic style fashion, skull clothes, skull boots, motorcycle t-shirts and cool motorcycle helmets, we have every stylistic element that you need under one roof. Pick your favorite design and let it speak on your behalf. Every sexy biker outfit can be found here. The materials are top-rated, including premium leather, PU leather, and exotic materials that add to your overall style.


      You should always keep in mind the functionality and use of every gear equipment that you buy. The purpose of motorcycle gear is to protect you in case of an accident and reduce the chance of a serious injury. Without proper function or suitability, the gear or equipment will be of little help when you need it the most. As a result, always look at how well the gear will serve you and its ability to protect you in vulnerable situations. For example, riding goggles should come with ample padding for a comfortable fit while also protecting your eyes from dust, debris, and other airborne projectiles.


      Our unbeatable collections offer a colorful variety from which to choose motorcycle apparel. Whether you are looking for pants, vests, boots, helmets, jackets, jewelry, headgear, and other clothing, we’ve got your needs covered. The wide variety ensures every rider’s taste is met and every need is surpassed. It doesn’t matter what type of a moto rider you are, or the type of bike that you own, we have all accessories and protective gear that you may need. Simply browse through the different categories and find the perfect gift for you.

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