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      Buying leather motorcycle boots can be confusing if you don’t know what to look for. The truth is, there are many low-quality leather boots in the market today. These knock offs can sometimes appear like genuine leather motorcycle boots while in truth they are anything but that. As a rider, getting the right pair of leather motorcycle riding boots can make or break your overall riding experience.

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      What to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Boot

      Your feet and ankles are exposed to many threats when riding. Whether it is dragging your toes on the pavement, or coming into contact with a red hot exhaust pipe, flying debris and other forms of exposure, you need protection using a sturdy pair of motorcycle boots.

      Besides having have a pair of riding boots that protect you from cold weather and accidents, they should be comfortable to wear and able to support your weight. For this reason it is important to take the type of boot that you buy seriously. It will have a profound effect on your riding experience, comfort and safety. Since not all boots are created equal, there are certain things to look for when you go out shopping for a leather motorcycle boot.

      Riding style

      First and foremost, you will want a motorcycle boot that suits your riding style. There are many types of boots out there designed for specialized use. For example, MX boots are appropriate for riding in motocross events on your dirt bike. If you are an adventure rider, you might want to go for boots designed for adventure rides. These boots are designed to provide you will comfort on the long hauls, and usually have better weather-proofing features. Generally, you will love riding more when you have a boot designed for the specific type of riding. So, the first important thing is to know the type of riding that you will likely undertake and how often. If you are more aggressive on the rides, you will want a tough leather motorcycle boot that is also comfortable.

      Level of protection

      After you have decided on the type of boot that fits your riding style, the next step is to choose a boot that will give you protection to the crucial areas. Your feet and ankles are more fragile than you might think. They are also exposed to the greatest dangers on the road including flying debris and bumps on the road. Ideally, you want boots that cover your ankles and have specialized protection like padding where you will need it most. It’s pretty straightforward to know what type of boot will give you ample protection than others. As a rule of thumb, shorter boots offer less protection than longer boots. Most common injuries that occur during crashes can have a devastating effect on your ankles and legs. It is for this reason that you should go for a motorcycle boot with enough support to your shin, feet and ankles. Shorter boots lack the needed support and often leave large parts of your lower extremities exposed to all sorts of dangers. If you happen to slide out on your bike, the protruding ankle bone will be the first to come into contact with the asphalt which could cause a painful twist.

      Construction of the boot/Build quality

      Aside from choosing a boot with the right height, you should consider the quality of construction and the material from which the boot is made. The quality of material used makes a huge difference when it comes to safety. Does your boot have a glued or stitched sole? Can soles, buckles and toe sliders be replaced? Is it made out of leather? A good quality motorcycle boot will have a distinct balance between function and quality. Luckily, today’s riding boots for men and women have advanced protective features as a result of industry research on safety and protection. This makes them better suited for their job and very different from your average boots.

      Many motorcycle boots are made out of thick leather for the highest level of protection and abrasion resistance. However, the classic trend of only leather motorcycle boots is changing since manufacturers are producing riding boots made out of tough textile. These boots are equally strong and breathable like their leather counterparts. When choosing a high quality boot, check whether the boot has reinforcements in high wear areas. In most cases, the boot should have plastic sliders, or double leather or textile layers for better abrasion resistance.

      Many motorcycle boots are built with weather protection in mind. If you ride in wet weather most of the time, you might want to consider leather motorcycle boots with waterproofing capabilities. Treated leather is made to protect your kicks from dampening or getting spoilt due to wetness. If you don’t want to get your boots soaked next time you are riding in wet conditions, make sure that the leather from which the boot is made out of is treated.


      Closure types are a fairly understated aspect when it comes to choosing your next riding boots. However, laces tend to have an impact on your riding by determining how precise the boot fits and the ease of getting the boots off. Another thing is that, laces can snag on parts or your bike or get tangled on vital controls. This can compromise your safety especially when you are unaware of such happening. For this reason, closures are an important safety feature that prevent your laces getting hooked on the bike. Types of closures include Velcro and buckles that ensure your biker boot is securely fit in the event of a high speed crash.   


      The fitment of your riding boot is crucial for comfort and safety when riding. But more often than not, many people struggle to find the right size of the boot. The size guide of the boot that you want will depend on the manufacturer or region where the boot is made. For example, European boots and US boots have different sizes and the size chart is widely different. You may want to convert your size to the United States equivalent for accurate measurement. When looking for a riding boot, consider also if you will be riding while wearing thick socks. This means that you will need extra room for your feet so that you will be more comfortable. It’s quite normal to have difficulty when putting on new boots and this is a good thing. For one, the boot will be harder to fly off when riding and leave your feet exposed when you need them the most.


      Part of being a biker is to not only enjoy the thrills and adrenaline of riding your motorcycle, but also showing a sense of personality and style. The type of boots that you go for should be reflective of this. Luckily, there are many styles and designs that help you make a statement. For example, you can decide to go for a skull boot or the classic gothic boots if you want a mystic quality. Others may want something that is simple and understated but efficient at the same time. These biker boots include the men’s harness motorcycle boots and a myriad of leather motorcycle boots for women. These eye-catching designs will surely boost your confidence when you are on and off the bike. You can find a great pair of boots designed with classic, retro style and modern looks to suit your personal taste and preference.


      A great pair of motorcycle boots doesn’t have to break your bank or cost you a fortune. In fact, there are great biker boots out there that cost less than $500 and come packed with all the qualities you would wish for. The less expensive options are great for everyday riding and commute to work. However, if you plan to hit the track or take part in intense motocross riding, you might need more protection on your feet. This is where price becomes a secondary consideration and safety comes first. For a majority of motorcycle riding boots, you can get yourself a quality pair for between $200-$400 with a few dollars to add or spare. The price variation comes down to the overall material, build quality and advanced protection features such as armor, padding and slider protection. Nevertheless, the eventual boot choice should be comfortable and well-fitting. Luckily, our motorcycle boots are the best in their category and can be acquired at pocket-friendly price. No matter your budget there is always a great boot waiting for you. If you seriously plan to ride, then a great pair of riding boots should be top on your list when looking for high quality riding gear.  

      The different types of motorcycle boots

      Boots are made differently from each other with specific use in mind. Some motorcycle boots are made for off-road use, while others combine the classic styling with better armor/protection. When choosing a motorcycle boot, it is important to choose those that fit your riding style and purpose. Generally speaking, there are five major types of riding boots you can choose from.

      Adventure/touring boots

      These boots are designed for comfort and protection when riding off the beaten path. Adventure boots are usually a bit taller than normal cruiser boots for better protection to the upper parts of your legs. Due to their increased height, they offer better ankle protection compared to short boots and are good for all-rounded use.

      Sport/Racing boots

      These boots are designed to offer more aggressive protection on the track. They have a construction quality that is designed to complement your riding position. Sport/racing boots provide excellent impact protection and abrasion resistance compared to normal boots. They also have an aggressive sporty posture that is distinct from other boot designs. The increased height of the boot and armor provide stability support and ankle protection.

      Cruiser boots

      Cruiser boots are focused on combining safety and protection while maintaining an upright position. The ankle position of this boot is designed for comfort and relaxation. Cruiser boots can be worn when off the bike. Their classic good looks and styling passes it as a normal footwear.

      Dirt boots

      If you love off-roading and motocross, you might want something more durable and robust. A dirt boot is made to give you durability on the track and off-road while providing you the protection that you need. There are arguably indestructible and will take on any form of abuse and punishment. They have an ultra-weight construction and ample armor. While comfort may not be their strongest point, dirt boots are pretty well-designed and do the job they are meant for.

      Short Boots

      They say comfort is king when it comes to short boots. These type of boots are not designed to do a specific job but rather to provide a balance between comfort, safety and style. As the name suggests, they do not cover most of your upper leg but just enough height to offer ankle protection. You will however, have the option to choose the amount of padding that you get and hence the level of protection. Short boots are generally more comfortable to wear compared to the other types of boots and cost less. They are also lighter and the better looking kicks.    

      Finding the right motorcycle boots

      Whether you are looking for badass biker boots or cruiser motorcycle boots, we’ve got you covered in every aspect. At American Legend Rider, we strive to provide you with the top of the range riding boots including motorcycle boots for men, women’s leather motorcycle boots and any type of riding boots you might think of.