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Motorcycle Skull Bandana

A classic skull bandana will set you apart from the crowd and make your riding much more comfortable on hot days. American Legend Rider Skull bandanas are built with style, comfort, and function in mind. Choose from a wide range of skull bandana designs, and exude confidence and style wherever you go!

A skull bandana makes a great gift for bike riders. They come in many different styles and colors, and they just look cool. Here is what you need to know when buying, wearing and owning a skull with bandana.

How to Choose a Skull Bandana

Skull bandanas come in many assorted sizes, colors, and designs. When choosing a skull bandana keep in mind the fabric, the thickness, and of course the design. American Legend Rider offers skeleton bandanas and skullface bandanas in designs for both men and women.

Why Should A Skull Bandana Be Worn During Rides?

Bandanas are not only great at showing off the rider’s individual style, but they are also great for protecting the skin when worn on the face. Bandanas keep bugs from flying in the rider’s mouth. These face cloths also offer the rider’s skin protection from the sun and the wind.

When worn on top of the head, a skeleton bandana can prevent sunburn. While riding around all day, it’s easy to forget that the sun is beating down on top of the person’s head. It’s easy to get sunburnt, even if the rider has hair. A skeleton bandana can help prevent this common problem.

Some people choose to wear a skeleton bandana under their motorcycle helmets. This is great to help the helmet slide on and off easier without pulling hair. The bandana can also help absorb sweat under the helmet.

It’s also important to note that a high-quality skull with bandana is likely to offer a certain level of UV protection from the sun. For example, one common bandana offers SPF 50+ UV protection. This means that there is an added layer of sun protection, on top of what the basic bandana offers.

How to Tie a Skull Bandana

Even experienced riders may not know how to tie a skull bandana. There is actually an assortment of ways to tie one, each way offering a different look or showing off a different part of the bandana pattern.

One basic way to tie a skull bandana is to start by laying it flat in a square. Take the top right corner of the bandana and fold it down to the bottom left corn of the bandana. You should now have a three-point triangle shape.

Next, pick up the bandana and place it on the head with the top of the triangle pointed towards the back of the head. The flat folded edge should be across the forehead. Take the two points of the triangle and tie the skull bandana in a knot at the back of the head.

The bandana should feel comfortable without being too tight. Make sure it’s not pulling the hair, and that it’s not so loose that it’s going to fly off on a ride. Practice tying the bandana at home a few times in front of the mirror so that when it’s time to tie it in front of others it feels natural.

Those who feel like a tied bandana isn’t for them should look for one with a hook and loop closure. This takes all of the work out of tying a skull with bandana. Another option that may come in a tie free version is neck gaiters.

Are Skull Bandanas Just for Bikers?

While a skull with bandana is popular with bikers, lots of people sport these. Skull Bandanas are popular with fishermen, athletes, gym-goers, hunters, skiers, and many more. People wear them on ATVs and traditional bicycles too, not just on motorcycles.

Many people wear them for protection from the sun and the wind, while other people wear them just because they look cool. Construction workers are wearing skull bandanas on the job under their hardhats to soak up the sweat. In the winter, they are wearing the fleece-lined version to help them stay warm.

Even chefs are getting into the act and wearing skull bandanas. They are great at covering the hair and replacing the traditional hairnet. Thanks to the pandemic, some people are even wearing these as a face mask on a daily basis.

A High-Quality Skull Bandana Can Be Life Changing

In the past, most bandanas were of poor quality and paper thin. High-quality bandanas made specifically for bikers can change a biker’s life. As previously discussed, many now come with build in SPF and UV protection.

Today’s bandanas also come in an assortment of fabrics and thicknesses. If the rider is going to ride in cooler tempers, look for one lined with fleece. It will be oh so soft and extra warm.

In conclusion, all riders should have a skull bandana or two. Today’s bandanas are made of high-quality fabrics and materials. They’re softer than ever and they’re easy to clean. Skull bandanas protect the rider from the sun and the wind, and they make the rider look cool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who wears a skull bandana?

Everyone loves a skull with bandana! Men, women, kids, and the nonbinary all enjoy wearing these hot bandanas. There is no age or weight limit, and they can make a person look so much cooler.

Where can a person buy a skull bandana?

American Legend Rider sells a wide assortment of both skull bandanas and the classic skullface bandana. They have great prices and send out great offers to customers. Best of all, they guarantee the quality of their products and stand behind them.

How should someone clean their skullface bandana?

If the bandana comes with care instructions, the user should follow them. For those who have lost their care instructions or those that didn’t come with any, there are some basic care rules below that should be followed.

Bandanas can be spot cleaned as needed. Take a damp rag and wipe the spot that needs cleaning. If the entire bandana needs a wash, they usually stand up well to cleanings.

For the best results, hand wash the skullface bandana in the sink with a gentle soap. Some people wash their bandanas with lingerie garment bags in the washing machine on gentle. To dry the bandana, either lay in flat or hang it until all moisture is gone.

What’s the difference between a bandana and a neck gaiter?

Bandanas are convertible, meaning they can be worn on top of the head, folded across the forehead, over the mouth and neck, and in about a hundred other ways. A neck gaiter is made specifically to cover the person’s face. These go over the mouth and down to cover the rider’s neck.

Are there different designs available?

Yes! Cool skull bandanas are available in many different colors, pattern, and designs. Manufacturers are offering riders many design choices so that there is a pattern for everyone. Some are very feminine, meaning that those who don’t like the traditional skull pattern may fall in love with the new more feminine pattern options.

Some are two-sided, where both sides of the fabric are the same pattern, and others may have a different or plain design on the opposite side. A cool pattern offered right now by American Legend Rider features red skulls and daggers. This bandana is actually a hot red, black, and white paisley design.

Is it suggested for a rider to own more than one bandana?

It is highly suggested that riders own multiple bandanas for several reasons. First, it’s easy to lose a bandana. Secondly, the rider needs one for hot weather and a second fleece-lined version for cold weather rides. Third, there are so many patterns and colors available that it’s hard to settle on just one skull bandana.