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Veterans Day Collection

Freedom is one of the greatest gifts in the world. Honoring courage and bravery for men and women who served. American Legend Rider - want to thank all the Veterans. Your sacrifice to serve our country will never be forgotten. 

What to wear on Veterans Day

Veterans Day is the day set aside by all of America to celebrate the true heroes of the nation- those who defended our country. Veterans Day is not only celebrated in America, but it is also a global holiday, and it remembers the day that the brutality of the First World War finally ended. Although it is called Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in other countries, the message of the day remains universal.

Veterans Day remembers those who fought, and we have decided to show a little appreciation by compiling a list of important tips and products to help the brave men and women who defended the nation in the past.

What is Veterans day about? 

In the past, Veterans or Armistice Day only honored those who served in World War I. It was not until Veteran Raymond Weeks from Birmingham advocated for the expansion of the holiday that it became a national holiday. After it was signed into congress by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on May 26, 1954, Veterans Day became recognized as the day set aside for all those who served the nation. Where Armistice Day only paid respect to those who served in the First World War, Veterans Day takes it up a notch. It celebrates all the brave men and women who have defended the nation. 

Why would veterans be so interested in motorcycles?

When filmmakers film movies and documentaries about the First World War, they almost fail to accurately depict the truly phenomenal roles that proud all-American motorcycles played in the war.

Motorcycles have been used by the US military as far back as 1917. After the apparent success of Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the Mexican revolution, the US military partnered up with Harley-Davidson to pump out 20,000 Model 17F/Js to our troops in Europe. They were incredibly quick and were able to maneuver through the most tumultuous terrains. They were used in combat, rescue, and reconnaissance missions. Indians also injected about 50,000 Powerplus Big Twins into the war in 1916. They were said to be faster, quicker, and faster than the Harleys that were used in the year to follow.  

Throughout most of World War I, Harleys and Indians helped troops in their fight against the enemy. In the war to follow, they also played a significant role. Although they were not as popular or combat-ready as their predecessors, the Harley Davidson WLA also helped push American troops towards victory.

Although that part of history is often forgotten, American soldiers have a long and colorful history with the motorcycle. In certain biker circles, motorcycles symbolize freedom and bravery. Perhaps these are beliefs and symbols attached to the motorcycle originated from war veterans who happened to be bikers.

The world might have forgotten, but war veterans remember, and that is why we have compiled a list of all the top biker-themed accessories guaranteed to remind them of everything the motorcycle represented during the war. 

5 Veterans Day-themed accessories that every Veteran should have

·         An old-fashioned half helmet with the American flag and a skull

In the 1920s, bikers almost always used half helmets. Full face helmets weren’t exactly popular back then. Men who served in the military drove off into war with nothing more than a half helmet and a pair of goggles for protection. 

This half helmet is reminiscent of their battle uniform. With the American flag and the signature eagle of freedom airbrushed unto this particular helmet, it carries the freedom and democracy that the veterans fought so hard to protect. It is the perfect gift for any veteran who loved his nation and was proud to serve, and he/she will appreciate the sentiment.

·         A full-face helmet with the American flag and eagle brushed onto it

The full-face helmet takes a more modern approach to the sentiment and comradery that the half helmet initially introduced. Much like the first helmet type, the American flag and eagle represents freedom and democracy veterans fought for. The biggest change to the message is the deviation from the standard half helmet to the safer full-face helmet style. 

·         Full face helmet vs. half helmets

Full face helmets are helmets that cover the entire head and most of the neck of a rider. They usually come with a chin bar, soft padding, and a fog proof visor. Half face helmets, on the other hand, don't have a visor or chin bar. They only protect the majority of the skull and don't protect the neck, face, or chin.

·         Veteran-themed T-shirt and hoodies

Veterans Day has to do with a lot more than motorcycles and cool looking gear. Sometimes all you need to be in the veteran day spirit is a fully customized hoodie or t-shirt. The T-shirt you wear says a lot about the kind of person you are. Usually, the more bold and colorful better. As we have all observed from firsthand, nothing is quite as eye-catching or bold as the star-spangled banner. If you dorn a biker themed t-shirt and wear it with pride, there is no telling what kind of attention and respect you will draw to yourself.

·         Patriot Headwrap

A Headwrap is a trendy under helmet accessories that help bikers add a little personality to their outfits. It is considered a little cliché is some circles and is mostly avoided altogether. It, however, has the potential to be an outfit defining accessory that ties your entire outfit together. When an American themed biker headwrap is worn under a bold black half helmet, it can look really good and even inspirational. A headwrap might look simple, but it can sometimes make all the difference.  

·         Skull boots

No Veterans Day is complete without an over the top biker themed skull boots. Boots might be the most underrated part of a biker's getup, but they are important nonetheless. Boots are one of the most important safety gear a conscious biker can wear. The typical bike boot is ankle-high and comes with a dedicated steel toe trap to prevent fractures and other injuries.

Since Veterans Day is here again, it's only logical to go for an America-themed boot. Since the normal American flag would be boring and unremarkable looking on the conventional flag, we saw it fit to recommend adding another historical symbol of rebellion and freedom- the skull. 

Skull boots with the American flag printed on them are the ultimate statement of freedom and candor. Biker boots are a simple yet elegant way to express your view on patriotism and show your respect for those who have served. 

The perfect gear for the Veterans Day

Having one of a kind accessories that profoundly celebrate Veterans Day can feel great and almost profoundly inspirational, safety, however, is an integral part of motorcycle culture. Whether it's Veterans Day or not, we have to look after ourselves as we ride, and this means using safety gear. You are just as prone to have an accident on Veterans Day as any other day in the year. In the list below, we have highlighted some of the best safety gear any veteran or rider can buy to show a little veterans' day spirit and remain safe at the same time.

A cool full-face helmet or any other regular helmet

Full face helmets are by far the safest helmet types you can ever invest money on. They are built to keep every part of your head moderately protected in the event of an accident. They are also incredibly stylish and protect you from dust, wind, and any flying object that might restrict your vision.

Since it is Veterans Day, the helmet you decide to use might have a bold symbol or design to commemorate the momentous day when the fighting finally stopped.

A lot of riders don't quite like the full-face helmet and how restrictive it can often be. So, we deemed it prudent to allow all sorts of helmets. As long as they are regulated and they have an American flag on them, they are cleared for use on Veterans Day.

A great pair of biker gloves

Biker gloves are the second most important gear any biker can ever own. They protect your hands and from road burns and injury during an accident, and they help keep the rider cool and maintain control as he/she rides.

They are a vital part of any rider's wardrobe, and no rider should ever leave home without it. Veterans Day allows riders to flaunt their unique America-themed gloves, and that is why we recommend all sorts of biker gloves, it doesn't matter if it's fingerless of dual-sport. In the spirit of Veterans Day, we will let everything go just this once.

Rider Jacket

Motorcycle jackets have become somewhat of a fashion statement in recent times. They are compact, mostly made of leather, and incredibly lightweight. A motorcycle jacket can either be long-sleeved or short-sleeved, and it could be made from all sorts of materials. Depending on the place you live in and the weather this time of year, your choice of a jacket could differ immensely. Veterans Day gives you the chance to mix things up a bit. There are hundreds of army-themed/ America-themed jackets you could opt for. Most stores allow you to customize the type of jacket you like. However, if you are not quite into over the top star-spangled jackets, you could opt for a simpler and more elegant army green jacket.

A pair of motorcycle pants

Motorcycle pants are the most ignored motorcycle gear or accessories. They are deemed unnecessary by most bikers, and most motorcyclists almost wear denim jeans in their place. A great motorcycle pant is better suited to handle the abrasive surface of asphalt if or when your bike spins out of control, and you find yourself sliding on the asphalt. Most denim jeans and regular everyday pants are not strong or abrasion-resistant enough to protect you from a crash.

In the spirit of Veterans Day, we recommend riding with any old motorcycle pants. It would be weird if you wore an America-themed trouser on top of all the blue or green that we have recommended. However, if you insist on a Veterans' day special trouser, you should check out a store with pants with very muted Veterans day aesthetics.  

A legendary rider biker t-shirt

No Veterans Day getup is quite complete without a little something that pulls the entire outfit together. If you celebrate Veterans Day passionately, you will no doubt be either covered in army green or American blue and red. A black legendary rider biker t-shirt has the potential to tie your multi-colored outfit together. It doesn't quite stand out like the blue or red, and it lets you make a statement and affiliate yourself with the best online store for great biker merchandise and gear.

We Celebrate Veterans at American Legend Rider

Veterans Day represents a lot more than the end of one of the most devastating wars to ever ravage humanity. It celebrates the heroes and the brave men and women who succeeded the World War I veterans and pursued justice and defended the freedom of our nation. Veterans Day is one of the most important days in history, and even though it represents something else in another part of the world, November 11 is a day that the world will never forget.

At American Legend Rider, we value and celebrate all veterans for their sacrifice and bravery that has led us to our freedoms.