Women's Leather Corset


      Check out our latest collection of sexy leather corsets for the perfect hourglass shape. Want to look stunning and gorgeous at the same time? These corsets are perfect for your wardrobe!

      Leather corsets have been popular for hundreds of years, and it’s easy to see why they’ve never gone out of style. Wearing a corset gives you a perfect hourglass shape and a boost of confidence. They’re incredibly versatile and can be worn under clothing, in the bedroom, with a sexy cosplay outfit, or as fetishwear for roleplaying. Shop our collection for genuine leather corsets, and when you wear one, you'll feel as sensuous as you look with a narrow waist and curvy, girlish figure.

      What to Look For in a Leather Corset

      Not all corsets are created equal. We have virtually endless styles and designs to complement any body shape or figure and gives the wearer a gorgeous silhouette. No matter what leather corset style you choose, your waist will look snatched, and you’ll feel like a goddess! Even if you already have your eye on a sexy leather corset, do some research before you buy. There are a few things to keep in mind about your corset, including fabric, fit, style, and boning.


      Leather makes an excellent choice for a corset and is one of the trendiest corsetry options available today. Our leather corset tops are carefully designed and sewed to fit every type of body shape, and they have a leather outer and an all-natural, soft inner layer against your skin.

      The best women leather corsets are hand dyed and sewed to create a one-of-a-kind genuine leather corset top, like the ones we offer. Our black leather corsets and steampunk leather corsets are perfect for sexy cosplay fun in our out of the bedroom, and are made with special attention to detail.  


      The first rule when it comes to ordering the perfect size of a sexy leather corset is to measure your waist, not your hips. Take your waist measurement and subtract four. The final number is the size that will fit you comfortably and leave room to lace tightly without restricting your breathing. However, it also needs to offer support without “squashing” or creating unsightly bulges on the top or bottom.


      A genuine leather corset should always have steel boning, never plastic. Some people think that steel boning is painful, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The steel bones are wrapped in a fabric casing and distributed in such a way as to add maximum comfort while still providing compression. Placement is crucial for the leather corset top to fit correctly and offer adequate support.


      The best kind of closures for a leather corset is a busk closure on the front and lacing with metal grommets on the back. The busk makes a sturdier closure than a hook and eye, and the metal grommets provide excellent leverage for tightlacing, which makes that sexy hourglass figure. A proper corset should also have a stabilizing waist tape, either hidden or visible.  

      Benefits of Wearing a Corset

      Though you may have heard wearing a corset can be unhealthy, that’s a flat-out myth. Corsetry has been utilized for its many health benefits for hundreds of years. Not only does it provide numerous benefits for your body, but it also makes clothes fit better and gives your wardrobe a sultry boost that your partner will absolutely love. If you want to add some extra spice in the bedroom, try a steampunk leather corset and matching skirt to transform into a Victorian-era vixen for some steamy roleplay!

      Improves Posture

      A black leather corset will also improve your posture over time, forcing you to stand up and sit completely straight. They can also relieve the chronic back pain and stiffness resulting from bad posture, slouching in front of a computer all day, and bad sleeping habits. A corset corrects these issues, and eventually, you become accustomed to perfect posture.

      Strengthens core and muscles

      Wearing a sexy leather corset every day will gradually strengthen your core and stomach muscles. The tight, rigid support the boning offers might make you sore the first few days as you acclimate to a correct posture and sitting position. After a few weeks, you will notice a huge difference!

      Reduces waist size

      Wearing a sexy leather corset and waist training every day will eventually shrink your waist size. Not only that, but they accentuate your figure to look like an hourglass, with a voluptuous bust and booty. They make an instantly flattering pinup silhouette that will send your self-confidence sky-high.

      Provides extra support

      Anyone who has a large bustline knows how important support is to looking and feeling good about yourself. A women leather corset makes the perfect shapewear for anyone who is top-heavy and needs extra support for their chest. Also, genuine leather corsets are slimming and give your breasts a smooth and sexy shape without any weird lumps or bulges like an ill-fitting bra can create.

      Reduces headaches

      You may be surprised to find out that corsets provide headache and migraine relief. They do this by taking the pressure and tension off of your neck and back, which eventually reduces the number of headaches. They can also be used to help correct spinal issues like scoliosis and offer excellent lumbar support.

      Boosts confidence and self-esteem

      The best overall benefit to wearing corsets is the huge positive boost it gives to your body positivity and self-confidence. Leather corsets can be worn under or over clothes to give you a thrill that you will love. They’re bold and sultry and will make you feel like you’ve transformed into your sexier alter-ego. Even when you have a corset underneath your clothes, you’ll still feel super sexy because your clothes will fit better, and your waist becomes a curvy hourglass shape. A steampunk leather corset is the perfect, brave new way to try some cosplay fun with your partner. If your partner wants to try fetish or roleplay, then a black leather corset is the perfect way to command their attention.


      What type of material is best for a leather corset?

      When it comes to corsetry, there is no better fabric or material than leather. It’s smooth texture truly feels like a second skin and has a slight give overtime to stretch and fit your body’s shape like a glove. The best types of leather are cowhide and lambskin. Cowhide offers a stiffer, more supportive feel, while lambskin gives a more natural and supple feel.  A steampunk leather corset can also be made from pigskin, but it needs special treatments and polish to be sturdy enough for daily wear or training.

      What kind of sewing is on women’s leather corsets?

      Since a sexy leather corset top needs to be strong enough for proper waist compression, the ideal sewing method utilizes a minimum of quadruple stitching rows. Since “tightlacing” puts pressure on the corset, metal grommets and sturdy hand-stitching with multiple rows is necessary for your beautiful women's leather corset to stay together and train your waist. Leather can be challenging to work with, but with a well-made corset, you can have the stunning figure you’ve always wanted.

      Are leather corsets comfortable?

      Though you may have heard the common misconception that corsets cause pain, this is not true at all. Waist training and corsets use tightlacing to compress your waist and give you instant shape. The steel boning offers rigid support to keep your posture straight and your core tight. Naturally, different people have different opinions on what’s comfortable, but a leather corset top should never cause any amount of pain. If you feel pain, loosen the laces immediately.

      What are the different types of corsets?

      There are two main types of corsets: overbust and underbust. The underbust style supports your breasts from underneath and comes up to the bra line. This style can easily be worn under clothing, which is called “stealthing.” Overbust style covers up and over the breast, offering more support. Overbust corsets are perfect for any top-heavy woman. It smooths and lifts your bustline, and is most often worn under special occasion formal wear to streamline your shape

      How often should I wear a corset?

      You can wear a corset as much or as little as you like, depending on the amount of waist training you want to do. For beginners, a good rule to stick by is the rule of two. Wear a genuine leather corset for two hours a day, for two weeks straight, and your waist will lose two inches. However, those who choose to commit to waist training may prefer a more intensive schedule than the rule of two. It’s all about what you’re comfortable doing and what makes you look and feel good.

      Shop Our Sexy Leather Corset Collection

      For any woman who wants a voluptuous shape and a narrow waist, our leather corset collection has a huge variety of styles available that offer a slew of health benefits and are perfect for any woman who wants to feel great about her body. Our sexy, black leather corsets have steel boning, are made of superior quality, all-natural leather, and are carefully designed to expertly accentuate every beautiful body shape.   

      Whether you want more oomph in the bedroom, to have some steamy fun with cosplay, or a bold eveningwear statement, a genuine leather corset will send your self-esteem skyrocketing. It’s not about trying to attain an impossible standard of beauty but about showcasing healthy body positivity and self-love. Shop our collection today and find the best leather corset for your body to make you look and feel like a new woman.