American Flag Biker Gloves Size Guide


Step 1: Measure Yourself
Your measurements will be most accurate if someone else measures you.

Palm Width
To find out your glove size, measure (in inches) around your hand with a tape measure across your palm. You should use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed.

Palm Length
Measure from the bottom of your palm (where it meets your wrist) to the top of your middle finger.

Step 2: Find the Right Size
Use the chart below to determine your size.

 Size M L XL
Palm Width (in.) 3.3 - 3.5 3.6 - 3.8 3.9 - 4.2
Palm Length (in.) 7.8 - 8.2 8.2 - 8.4 8.5 - 8.7