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Beach Mandala Skull Shawl, Polyester, 59 x 39.4 in, Black with Skull & Roses Print

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As an absolute summer essential, we present you this Beach Mandala Skull Shawl. It has a multi-purpose function, it's lightweight and stylish. Our Beach Mandala Skull Shawl is definitely a must-have addition to your wardrobe. 

Beach Mandala Skull Shawl Characteristics:

  • Condition:100% Brand New
  • Material: Cotton
  • Lightweight and breathable material
  • Size: 59 x 39.4 in (150 x 100 cm)
  • Uses: Beach shawls, beach mats, tablecloths, yoga mats
  • Protects you from the harmful UV rays when worn as a beach shawl
  • Cozy and comfort 
  • No clasp or closure
  • Design: Couple Skulls w/Roses Print
  • Color: Black/White

This stunning Beach Mandala Skull Shawl is made from high-quality cotton, lightweight, and breathable material, featuring soft and comfortable texture. Yet, it is durable and strong to withstand use for years to come. It is so gentle on the skin, and it doesn't cause any allergies or irritations, so you can wear it or lay on it as long as you like. Moreover, the Beach Mandala Skull Shawl has versatile functions, so you can wear it in multiple different ways and combine it with other clothing items as well. 

You can wear it as a beach shawl, with no need for an extra outfit; wrap it around your shoulders or waist, and you'll have a perfect coverup that will protect you from the harmful UV rays. The Beach Mandala Skull Shawl can also be used as a beach towel; you can throw it on a chair or simply put it on the sand and lay down on it. And, even when the summer is over, your multi-functional shawl's service is not over; wear it like a shawl to protect your neck and face from the cold. You can also use it as a tablecloth; it will protect the table's surface and add a style and décor to your room. What's more, if you practice yoga or do other sports activities that require work out on the floor, this practical Beach Mandala Skull Shawl can be used as a mat providing utmost comfort and relaxation during your exercises.  

You can choose from two versatile and vibrant designs; one is with a couple of skulls w/roses print with a black and white pattern, and the other is sugar skull w/roses on a black background. Both of these cool accessories will spice up your badass look and make you original and unique in the eyes of your peers. Especially if you are a big fan of Calaveras and want to add a bit of swagger to your style, this Beach Mandala Skull Shawl will deliver beyond your expectations!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this beautiful Beach Mandala Skull Shawl now and enjoy the quality and versatility it brings!