7 Tips For Choosing The Best Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear

7 Tips For Choosing The Best Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear

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It's that time of year when riding out may not be enjoyable. The chilly weather can make your fingers numb and your riding experience uncomfortable. However, with some adjustments, you don't have to store your motorcycle and wait until next year. You can avoid winter mishaps and ride all the way into the new year without worrying about the cold. To do this, you'll need to find the right gear for cold weather riding.

Choosing cold weather motorcycle gear

When the temperatures drop, hardcore motorcycle riders will not be fazed by the weather but instead seize the opportunity to keep riding. And what’s their little secret? Choosing the right winter motorcycle gear for safety and warmth on the road. Here are the essentials of what you need to do for safe riding in cold weather.

Gear that blocks the wind

Cold wind can hamper your riding experience and make it unbearable. During winter, the effect of cold wind is even worse when you are riding a motorcycle. Apart from wearing a tightly sealed motorcycle helmet and a fog-free face shield, you should consider having a windscreen. If your bike doesn’t come with a pre-installed windscreen, it is quite easy to install one on the handlebars. This will help divert the cold wind from reaching your chest and keep you warm. Look for a tall windscreen that will not interfere with riding comfort and you will be good to go.

Choose water and windproof garments

The best way to achieve full coverage when riding in cold weather is to ensure you choose cold weather motorcycle gear that is both waterproof and windproof.

For a start, a leather motorcycle jacket will provide you with the protection and warmth that you need. Most leather jackets come with layers of protection and waterproofing capabilities to keep you warm and snug.

Choose riding pants or a suit that is also waterproof and make sure that they cover well above the ankle. They should also not be too tight to wear for comfort. This will also ensure that there is enough warm air circulation to your feet and legs. When it comes to choosing the best riding gloves, consider gauntlet style gloves as they offer extended coverage above your wrist. The biker gloves should fit over the leather jacket that you are wearing. Overall, when riding out in winter, you must have the right riding gloves, pants, and jacket sorted out before anything else.

Winter riding boots

Your feet are the most vulnerable part of your body when riding in cold weather. They are in close proximity to the snow, water pools and even road hazards. This means that they should be well protected with a sturdy pair of motorcycle boots. Your feet also tend to get much colder than the rest of the body. So getting them covered adequately should not be a matter of choice but a necessity. The most important thing when choosing the right boot is to ensure that it has the right height and coverage. Usually above the ankles and below the knee cap. Additionally, the boots should be made out of waterproof material like polished leather. Waterproof motorcycle riding boots like the Daniel Smart Men’s Harness boots are a perfect choice to the wet and chilly days.

Don’t forget eyewear

Riding in the rain or fog conditions can be dangerous because of reduced visibility. You don’t want to ride out without proper eye protection. Finding the perfect motorcycle riding glasses or motorcycle goggles can make you riding much easier and safer. Experienced bikers know how vital it is to have riding sunglasses for blocking glare from snow, puddles and other reflective surfaces. Usually, reflection from snow and puddles on the road can be a distraction which can cause you to lose a sense of the road’s condition. This can ultimately lead to an accident. When shopping for winter sunglasses make sure that you go for polarized sunglasses. They are good for preventing glare from flat surfaces and reducing eye strain. If you are light-sensitive, they will also help you see more clearly.

Heated gloves

In cold weather, your hands bear the grunt of the cold wind making it hard for you to use the controls of your motorcycle. This puts you in jeopardy and may lead to an accident. It’s even worse when your hands are both cold and wet as the numbness tends to intensify.

If you plan on riding in winter, then you are definitely going to need waterproof gloves. Getting high quality winter gloves keeps your hands protected from the chilly conditions. Sometimes, your riding gloves may not be warm enough to your liking or by themselves. If your gloves do not seem to alleviate the dire numbness then it is time you add glove liners beneath them for an added layer of warmth.

A good set of latex gloves from your toolbox or nitrile gloves will undo the cold pitch and make your hands feel warmer. If this also fails, then you might want to get a proper pair of heated motorcycle gloves. Heated gloves will certainly do the trick.

Don’t forget your feet

Quite often when riding in winter, your feet will also get much colder than they normally would on normal rides. A good way to prevent cold feet is to get yourself some protective riding boots with a good height. Alternatively, you can throw in some winter motorcycle socks to absorb the moisture and retain heat. Regular riding boots may not have what it takes to keep your feet warm and dry during winter. So investing in a pair of sturdy waterproof riding boots will not only protect your feet from the cold weather but also offer a higher level of protection in case of a crash.

Biker helmet

Finally, it is time to get the perfect full-face helmet to protect your head from the cold wind and snow. While a helmet’s primary job is to protect your head from impact, it can also protect you from the intense cold winds while providing some degree of warmth. For added warmth, consider buying a motorcycle scarf or motorcycle balaclava.

Find the best cold weather motorcycle gear here at American Legend Rider and ride with comfort and safety. 

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