The Ultimate Guide to Buying Motorcycle Glasses in 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Motorcycle Glasses in 2024

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Finding the perfect pair of biker glasses or motorcycle sunglasses can prove to be a difficult task due to the wide array of exceptional choices available in today's market. Whether you lean towards motorcycle goggles or glasses, it's easy to get caught up in considerations like price, brands, and prescription options. To make the purchasing process easier, this article offers extensive details on biker sunglasses.

Reasons Why You Need Motorcycle Glasses

motorcycle glasses

Motorcycle glasses and other types of rider safety gears are a must for all motorcyclists. Riding glasses are arguably the most important because of how much they impact your riding experience. If you are on the fence about getting riding glasses, here are a few reasons why you should go ahead with your purchase.

They protect your eyes from sun glare and UV rays

Every rider who rides during the daytime is no stranger to intense sun glares. They can be distracting, harmful to your sight and incredibly dangerous. Polarized riding glasses protect your eyes from the sun while your ride. They reduce sun glares over reflected surfaces, protect your eyes from UV rays, and keep your vision clear and focused.

Protection from dust, debris and strain

A pair of safety glasses with polarized lenses or goggles protect your eyes from dust, dirt, rain and all sorts of debris when you are riding at high speeds. This is especially important because of how fatal distractions can be while you are on the road. They also help with general eye strain and help you stay focused on the road for longer.

What are the Best Motorcycle sunglasses ?

The best motorcycle sunglasses are the glasses that offer you absolute value for your investment. They are glasses with the interchangeable lenses, a foam padding, anti-slip padding and polycarbonate frames. They are the type of bikers glasses that can double as retro sunglasses and vintage sunglasses and can be worn in all seasons and weather conditions.

What to look out for when shopping for the perfect Motorcycle sunglasses for you?

There are a handful of important features you should look out for when you are picking out your motorcycle sunglasses.

They should fit just right

Too many motorcyclists make the mistake of picking the most stylish motorcycle sunglasses over the most comfortable ones. While you are riding at high speeds, you don’t want a pair of motorcycle riding glasses that would irritate you or press too hard against your scalp. Always pick out biker-style retro sunglasses or vintage sunglasses that fit just right. Don’t get tempted and settle for something you are not entirely comfortable with.

offer protection from the sun's glare and debris, ensuring a safe and comfortable riding experience. These specially designed glasses are crafted with high-quality lenses that reduce the brightness of sunlight, allowing riders to see clearly even in bright conditions. The lenses are also treated to minimize UV rays, safeguarding the eyes from harmful radiation.
In addition to sun protection, prescription motorcycle riding glasses cater to the unique needs of riders with vision impairments. They can be customized with prescription lenses, addressing issues such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. This ensures that riders with visual challenges can enjoy clear and unobstructed vision while on the road.
Durability is a key aspect of these glasses, as they are constructed to withstand rugged riding conditions. The frames are often made from durable materials like polycarbonate or nylon, which are lightweight yet sturdy. This combination of strength and lightness ensures that the glasses remain comfortable to wear for extended periods, without compromising on their ability to withstand impact.
Furthermore, prescription motorcycle riding glasses often feature additional elements designed to enhance both safety and convenience. Many models incorporate side shields to prevent wind and debris from entering the eyes, reducing the risk of accidents caused by impaired vision. Some designs even incorporate detachable foam padding to provide a snug fit and mitigate discomfort during long rides.
When selecting prescription motorcycle riding glasses, it is essential to consider certain factors. The fit should be precise, ensuring that the glasses stay securely in place during rides. Adjustable features, such as nose pads and temple arms, allow for a personalized fit to accommodate different face shapes and sizes. Additionally, anti-fog coatings and ventilation systems can help prevent fogging, particularly in challenging weather conditions.
In conclusion, prescription motorcycle riding glasses are a crucial accessory for riders seeking optimal vision, protection, and comfort. By combining style, functionality, and specialized features, these glasses assist in creating a safer and more enjoyable riding experience. Whether cruising on highways or exploring winding roads, riders can rely on these glasses to enhance their vision and safeguard their eyes, allowing them to fully embrace the freedom of the open road.

Lenses are Important

Lenses are the most important part of a pair of motorcycle sunglasses. The right type of lenses for riding are polarized lenses. They keep UV rays, glares and protect your eyes all at the same time. Good quality polarized lenses are typically made from polycarbonate.

Most riding glasses manufacturers provide Prescription motorcycle glasses, and non-prescription polarized glasses, so you can decide which type you need. There are also Transition Lenses which shift in tint as the day progresses. They are great for a variety of riding conditions.


The design of your riding glasses matters also. You want a pair of motorcycle sunglasses that are not only stylish but can also withstand high speeds without falling off. Glasses that wrap around the side of your face offer the best performance. They are designed to be aerodynamic and hug the natural contours of your skull, rooting them firmly in place.

Low Maintenance Glasses

The best motorcycle sunglasses are low maintenance riding glasses. They need very little cleaning and upkeep, and you can abandon them for months on end without fear of repercussions. All you would typically need to do is clean d store their interchangeable lenses in their case.

Lens Coating

Not every rider think lens coatings is essential, but if you have the chance, opt for smudge, glare, water or fog protection coating. They offer additional protection that will increase your visibility in extreme weather conditions.

ANSI approval

The American National Standards Institute regulates the quality and safety of riding glasses and numerous other kinds of eyewear. If you can, choose a product approved by the institute. However, if you live outside the United States and are ordering from companies located in different parts of the world, look for similar quality standardization companies.

Prescription Motorcycle Glasses: Do you need them to ride?

Prescription motorcycle glasses

If you struggle to see things without your glasses, odds are you won't fare much better in high-speed traffic on a motorcycle. Think of prescription motorcycle glasses as regular prescription glasses. Most large scale motorcycle riding glasses manufacturers carry prescription motorcycle glasses. It shouldn’t be too difficult finding prescription motorcycle glasses you like.

Are contact lenses a valid Alternative to prescription motorcycle glasses?

Some people see contacts as a valid alternative to riding Glasses and googles, however, they're not without their faults. Contact lenses have been known to cause discomfort, headaches, and anxiety among riders when paired with regular motorcycle riding glasses. They might help you see better, but they don't offer the same protection goggles, helmets and motorcycle sunglasses do. You'd be better off wearing a helmet with a visor along with your contact lenses.

Popular Questions asked about Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Motorcycle goggles vs. Glasses

Motorcycle goggles and glasses perform the same function- protect you the rider- yet they vary in very interesting ways.

It is not uncommon for bikers to pick motorcycle goggles over glasses. Motorcycle goggles offer a tighter seal because they are supported by an elastic band and have an extended lens. On the other hand, motor sunglasses don’t have an elastic band. Some models have elongated lenses, but are not as tight. For this reason alone, most riders prefer motorcycle goggles over glasses.

However, motorcycle sunglasses are no slouches either. They offer more flexibility and are inherently more stylish. You can switch lenses to fit your activity and weather conditions and try out different looks with a single frame.

Riding Sunglasses also come with onboard non-slip padding around the Nose Bridge and ears for more comfort, and increased resistance. And some of the best motorcycle sunglasses also double as goggle glasses. They have an optional elastic strap that holds them firmly in place even at extreme speeds, and weather conditions.

If you own a generic enough lenses collection, you could potentially have a pair of vintage sunglasses, retro sunglasses, biker sunglasses, and sports sunglasses all in one frame.

Biker glasses are also more expensive than regular goggles. If you don’t plan to travel or blaze down the highway at alarming speeds, then the best motorcycle sunglasses will serve you well. However, if you live a little closer on the edge, you should motorcycle goggles over glasses.

How to wear glasses with motorcycle helmets?

There is no secret behind it really. The average bikers glasses are designed to wrap around the curves of your skull and stay under a helmet. Manufacturers of Off-road and half-helmets factor in riding glasses space when they design their helmets. Unless you own a full-face helmet or some other helmet style with a visor, you should have no problems wearing your biker-style retro sunglasses or vintage sunglasses under your helmet.

How many lenses should I expect on a motorcycle sunglasses with interchangeable lenses?

Not all motorcycle riding glasses come with interchangeable lenses. However, those that do typically offer their customers four colored interchangeable lenses- neutral grey, copper, clear MLC and cadmium yellow. The lenses shine in different weather conditions and make them fit for sports and other casual events. These lenses are oftentimes optional, or part of a larger biker sunglasses package. You can choose to include or exclude them when you are ordering your riding glasses.

Some of the more unorthodox riding glasses companies offer lenses that exploit the overall build and quality of their frames and market them as a fashion choice. You will often find products that market their riding glasses as backup retro sunglasses or vintage sunglasses.

Are Goggle Sunglasses as great as people make them out to be?

Goggle sunglasses are riding sunglasses that come with an attachable elastic strap. They are for motorcyclists who love the stylish and flexible design aesthetic of biker sunglasses, but also want the safety of regular goggles.

The elastic band that fits onto the end of the glasses are very slim and will fit with most open and half helmets easily. They are also easy to remove and store on the fly. Arguably, goggle glasses provide the best of both worlds, however, they are not without their faults. Not all goggle sunglasses are created equal, so if you are chasing absolute protection, you‘d be better off picking motorcycle goggles over glasses or buying from a recognized bikers glasses brand.

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