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Top 5 Electric Motorcycles to Check Out in 2020

Top 5 Electric Motorcycles to Check Out in 2020

Andrew Mwaniki
5 minute read

Electric motorcycles are gaining a lot of popularity as more companies are entering this sector. Although the electric motorcycle revolution has been described by experts as slow, it is obvious that it is steady as well. The year 2020 is shaping up to be a landmark year in this sector, if the electric motorcycles that are set to be released are anything to go by. In this article, we will examine the top 5 electric motorcycles to check out in 2020, their features as well as all that makes them stand out. 

Verge TS: 

One of the standout motorcycles for next year’s rollout, the Verge TS motorcycle has a lot of exciting features. Built into its rear wheel, is a hubless drive system. It also has a 107 hp motor that takes up to 737 pound-feet of torque and uses the rear wheel rim as one of its integral parts. Verge TS runs at186 miles at city speeds, and 124 miles on the highway. The motorcycle has a DC fast charger which allows you to top up swiftly, and hit the road again. This motorcycle should weigh around 441 pounds. Verge TS is a good choice if you are in search of an electric motorcycle with futuristic looks. The fast charging is the best thing about this electric motorcycle and definitely puts it in a class above others.

Cake Osa: 

Manufactured by Swedish firm Cake, Osa is quite different from other motorcycles that we should expect as it is developed to capitalise on its alternative powertrain. The first set of reviews by motorcycle enthusiasts have seen Cake Osa described as utilitarian in design. This is due to its compact structure as well as full functionality of the design, rather than flamboyance. There are two versions of this motorcycle to be released, the Osa Lite and Osa+. Osa Lite works with a 1.5kWh Lean Battery, while the Osa+ runs on a 2.5kWh Long battery. The two versions have strong motors which can go a peak of 10kW. It is however quite different on a continuous stretch, with the Osa+ capable of an output of 7kW while the Osa Lite can do 4kW. This translates to the Osa+ achieving 63 mph on the road, while the Osa Lite is good for 30 mph.

They are lightweight motorcycles with both of them weighing just 65kg; without their batteries. The Lean battery weighs 12kg thereby giving a range of 47 miles on the Osa Lite and 37 miles on Osa+. The Long battery on the other hand, gives a range of 75 miles on the Osa Lite and 63 miles on  Osa+. Cake Osa is designed to double as a self-propelled power pack. The bike has built-in 5-volt and 12-volt DC outputs which you can plug electronic equipment directly into.  This makes it a great choice for workers who need to power their tools away from a power source. 

Vins EV-01

Manufactured by Vins, a motorcycle company based in Modena, Italy, the EV-01 is one to look out for in 2020. It is a futuristic machine, giving us a sense of what to expect in years to come. Vins EV-01 has amazing features like a swingarm, fork and carbon fiber frame. The motorcycle borrows its battery and motor from motorcycle giants Zero. This is why Vins EV-01 shares the same 70 hp motor and 14kWh with Zero SR. EV-01 has a carbon fiber monocoque frame, with the fork and swingarm also made of carbon. With its body made up of mostly carbon, EV-01 has a moderate weight of 170kg. In the electronics department, this motorcycle is well equipped, as it has an app-controlled system for users. This system allows you to choose among three riding modes. It also has a custom setting with a lot of options for power, torque as well as energy recovery settings. 

Energica Eva Ribelle

Energica is one of the pioneering electric motorcycle companies, and Eva Ribelle is proof of their impressive innovation over the years. Eva Ribelle is powered by a 21.5kWh battery with a 145 hp motor, making 158 pound-feet of torque. This gives it a speed of 125 mph when electronically limited, and a range of 249 miles in city use. Highway speed drops to 112 miles with a mix of low and high speed riding giving it a range of 143 miles. Energica have claimed that Eva Ribelle has the largest-capacity battery unit fit to any production electric bike yet produced. This motorcycle works with Level 2 fast chargers which ensures tour bike can be charged to full capacity within an hour. In fact, just 42 minutes of charging will fill the battery to 80 percent. As with most fast charging technology, the last bit of charging the Eva Ribelle always takes the longest. This motorcycle is easy on the eyes, and is one of the most anticipated for 2020.

Kymco RevoNEX

The RevoNEX is a super innovation from Taiwanese firm Kymco. RevoNEX boasts a top speed of 127 mph, it is able to hit this speed in 11.8 seconds, as well as a speed of 62 mph in 3.9 seconds. The motorcycle is fitted with a clutch and a six-speed manual transmission providing more rider engagement and improving performance. RevoNEX has an Active Acoustic Motor, which helps in enhancing the native sound of the motorcycle, improving the riding experience. Other specifications are expected to be available in due time, before its release.

Other electric motorcycles to look out for include Sahara Whiz Se, Gugu R Suv, Ultraviolette F77, Revolt RV 400, Emflux ONE, Surge Electric Bike to mention a few. With the quality and quantity of electric motorcycles to be released in 2020, it promises to be an exciting year for the industry. It is definitely shaping up to be a swell period for electric motorcycle enthusiasts and experts alike. Electric motorcycles are finally gaining momentum and will surely be among the most popular vehicles in years to come.  

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