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6 Advantages of Owning a Motorcycle

July 31, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

6 Advantages of Owning a Motorcycle

We get it — cars do offer heaps of comfort and speed. But if you really think about it, all the luxuries they offer have absolutely nothing on the exhilaration you get when driving a motorcycle into the horizon as the sun sets behind crimson skies.

While four wheels might sound better than two, the latter has more to offer in every aspect. Don’t believe us? Check out why we think motorcycles are light-years better than cars

1. Motorcycles are cost-effective

With gas prices at an all-time high, driving a motorcycle is a cheaper choice than driving a car. Right out of the bat, purchasing one costs less than a car and maintenance won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re thinking of saving for the future, a motorcycle would be a perfect fit for your long-term plans.

2. Motorcycles are efficient

While it’s true that some cars do go faster than a motorcycle, you can’t deny the efficiency a motorcycle can afford you. Motorcycles are up and ready by the time the traffic light goes green, while cars still need to be cranked up to second gear. So if you’re always in a hurry, a motorcycle will definitely get you moving faster.

3. Motorcycles are unrestricted

If you’re the type who constantly wants to feel the wind in your hair, get a motorcycle. A true biker at heart knows that rolled down car windows are just not the same.

4. Motorcycle clubs have better camaraderie

This is where motorcycles win, hands-down. Biker communities are a tight circle and are certainly a lot more fun. For these groups, the whole experience is much more fulfilling than admiring the aesthetics.

5. Motorcycle rides are more thrilling

If you are partial to life’s delights, a motorcycle is perfect for you. Feeling the crisp air on your skin, the sun on your back, and the oneness with the horizon as you burn rubber are just simply priceless.

6. Motorcycles have no issues with parking

Even car enthusiasts won’t argue with this one. With a motorcycle, you can practically park anywhere, anytime. Get yourself a motorcycle and say goodbye to the hassles of parallel parking for good. Only have a tiny space to park in? Not to worry. Just slip right in and you’re good to go.

 And there you have it! The 6 reasons why your two-wheeled friend is so much better than all the cars in the universe combined. Think we missed anything? Drop us a comment below!