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Bobster Foamerz Sunglasses

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Bobster Foamerz Sunglasses are biker-style sunglasses that are so comfortable and follow your face-shape in such a way as if they are hugging your head. On top of that, they offer ultimate, standardised eye-protection on the goggles level.

Everything you wear on the road should be comfortable and secure. Bobster Foamerz Sunglasses offer a unique experience with its wrap-around structure. The cushioned lining made from closed-cell foam provides a soft face-touch and makes them very comfy to wear. The polycarbonate, lightweight frame holds curved arms. They hug the head, providing a close-fit structure that stays put and fit easily under a helmet. The rubber strips at each arm's tip provide extra hold, while the anti-fog polycarbonate lenses protect your eyes.

Bobster Foamerz Sunglasses are just what you are looking for if you enjoy long rides and need super protection for your eyes: 

  • Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality,
  • Offer cushion comfort with their wrap-around structure,
  • 100% UV Protection,
  • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses,
  • Lens Color: Smoke, Clear, Amber,
  • Frame Size: Medium,
  • Polycarbonate Frame,
  • Anti-Fog,
  • Closed Cell Foam, 
  • Fit easily under a helmet,
  • CE Certified.

Bobster Foamerz Sunglasses prevent your eyes from tearing up due to repelling bugs, sand, dust, wind, and snow. Polycarbonate lenses are shatter-resistant, providing impact protection. Their 100% UV ultraviolet light protection will keep your eyes safe from UV rays' damaging effects. The cushioned lining stands as a barrier from wind and dust. That makes them high protective bikers eyewear providing all goggles benefits in a sunglass style.

You can find yourself in a dangerous situation if your sunglasses fog-up.

If you lose a clear view of the road, an accident can happen. Bobster Foamerz Sunglasses come with a special coating that prevents fogging up. They will help you stay safe while riding. With a clear view of the road, you can be more focused and concentrated, and have total control of what is happening in front of you.

Bobster Foamerz Sunglasses are available in 3 cool lens color options:

  • Clear - for night riding and other low light conditions.
  • Amber - for overcast, cloudy and flat conditions. Their blue light filters will give you excellent contrast, heightened definition, and depth perception.
  • Smoke - for natural perception for all standard day-time conditions.

Eyewear is an essential gear for every rider. But not just any kind of eyewear. It has to be made from high-quality materials that will offer protection from the elements and impacts. On top of that, they have to be badass looking. And Bobster Foamerz Sunglasses deliver in all departments. These sunglasses will easily become your favorite for your active lifestyle.  

Give Bobster Foamerz Sunglasses a try.

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