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      More than 13 million American households own at least one motorcycle according to the latest reports. This number has been increasing steadily over the past decade, and it’s expected to continue to grow during the years to come. This means motorcycle protective gear is more important than ever.

      Some people prefer bikes over conventional vehicles because of their efficiency and easy maneuverability in traffic. Others simply love the feel of the wind on their faces and the joys of the open road. Either way, more people than ever are taking to the streets on two wheels rather than four.

      Though few things can compare to experiencing the world from a biker’s perspective, numerous dangers lurk along the roadways. Potholes, slick asphalt, low-lying manhole covers, and open drains are only a few of the hazards we face. Of course, sharing the road with other drivers poses its fair share of risks as well.

      Safeguarding Yourself on the Road with Motorcycle Protective Gear

      Whether you’re heading to work, running errands, or going on a cross-country road trip, having the right biker gear makes all the difference. At American Legend Rider, we’re dedicated to helping our brothers and sisters in the biker community to stay safe no matter where they may go. We offer an extensive selection of motorcycle protective gear and accessories to fit the needs of riders.

      Best Types of Riding Gear

      When you’re out on the road, certain types of gear are vital to your safety and that of your passengers. Some are common knowledge, but others are often overlooked. Check out our list of must-have motorcycle accessories and protective gear to see what you need to add to your collection.


      Helmets could be considered the single most important piece of protective gear for bikers. Some states require riders to wear helmets whereas others don’t. Many people only wear helmets in states where they’re mandatory, but that’s not necessarily the best approach.

      Studies show helmets can increase your chances of surviving a collision by at least 35 percent depending on the factors involved. Even crashes taking place at low speeds with relatively little impact can lead to injuries, such as black eyes, head lacerations, and lasting ear and jaw pain to name a few. Anyone who has felt his or her bare head bounce off the asphalt can attest to that.

      Several types of helmets are available, including half shell, full face, and open face. Some are heavier and more awkward than others, but the bulkiest versions offer the most coverage. The best helmet style for you mainly depends on your personal preferences, but be sure to choose one that’s approved by the DOT. Those that are approved have a DOT sticker on the back.


      Standard sunglasses aren’t appropriate for riding. They tend to break easily and offer little protection from flying debris. Instead, you need safety glasses made specifically for bikers. They’re designed to help keep the wind, bugs, dirt, and other road debris out of your eyes. They should also be impact resistant. At high speeds with no windshield to protect you, even a bumblebee can shatter conventional sunglasses and send lens fragments into your eyes.

      Motorcycle eyewear comes in many forms. Glasses for daytime riding should provide UV protection and help reduce blinding sunlight and reflections coming off of other vehicles. Nighttime safety glasses need to have clear or amber lenses while eliminating glare from oncoming headlights and wet roads.  


      Sneakers may be comfortable, but they’re not recommended for riding. They offer little, if any, protection against the heat from a motorcycle’s engine and pipes. They’re also notorious for coming off of people’s feet during crashes. Sandals and flip-flops are definitely out of the question as well.

      Riding boots are inarguably the better option. They provide more coverage for your feet, ankles, and lower legs, and they’re much sturdier than other types of footwear. The best riding boots should have ample tread and non-skid soles for optimum grip on the foot pegs. They should also have low heels to keep your feet from getting caught on the pegs, foot brakes, and gear shift.

      Riding Pants

      Motorcycle riding pants are essential as well. Shorts aren’t acceptable because they provide no protection against heat, bees, debris, and other dangers. Even thick denim is no match for rough asphalt if you happen to go down during a ride.

      Leather chaps offer far better defense against all the dangers of the road. They can easily be taken off once you reach your destination and put back on when it’s time to head home as well. We also offer a range of riding pants for women and men in various styles and materials. Some feature built-in knee pads and plating for an extra level of protection.


      Riding jackets are crucial whether you’re riding in extreme cold or excessive heat. They keep out the wind and help protect your arms while you’re on the road. Leather and Kevlar are among the sturdiest and most popular materials for jackets. We have motorcycle body armor jackets as well. They’re made of a combination of PVC, EVA, and Lycra. They feature thick foam padding and tough outer plating for optimal protection and comfort.

      Different types of motorcycle jackets are available for various weather conditions. We have lightweight materials for summer months that protect you without being overly hot and bulky. You’ll also find heavy jackets in our inventory for cold weather. You might even consider purchasing a jacket with a removable inner lining for year-round versatility.

      If you’re looking for a matching set, browse our selection of biker outfits. They include riding pants, protective jackets, and other combinations of gear and accessories. Options are available for women and men alike.

      Motorcycle Gloves

      As is the case with jackets and other protective gear, motorcycle gloves come in several varieties. Fingerless gloves are great for warmer weather whereas fully insulated riding gloves work best on the cold, windy days.

      Padded gloves help reduce wear and tear on your palms while riding. Some members of our glove collection have additional plating to safeguard your knuckles from impacts. We also offer slip-resistant grips and waterproof materials to name a few helpful features.

      Guardian Bells

      You may be raising an eyebrow at this notion, but don’t be too quick to judge. Legend has it the guardian bell offers a level of protection above and beyond that of other motorcycle gear and accessories.

      Stories about how guardian bells work tend to vary. Some say they scare away the road gremlins while others believe they help our guardian angels keep track of us. No matter which version you prefer, seasoned bikers and novices alike swear by this vital piece of protective riding gear.

      Riding Shirts

      T-shirts may not be necessary safety measures, but they help add a little flare to the mix. Our lineup of motorcycle riding shirts for men and women is filled with vivid artwork, clever sayings, heartfelt messages, and other features. They reflect your unique personality and help you stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons.

      Things to Consider When Choosing Motorcycle Protective Gear

      When choosing riding gear and accessories, style should be a secondary consideration. Materials and fit are the primary concerns. Keep in mind, you’re dressing for the ride rather than the destination. Of course, with our selection, you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety.

      Helmets should always fit properly. If you shake your head and a helmet moves, it’s too big. On the other hand, if it doesn’t fully fit against your skull, it’s too small. Several sizes are available ranging from XX-Small to 4X-Large though they vary by brand. Many bikers fall in between sizes. Those who do should go with a slightly larger size and purchase additional foam padding to help bridge the gap.

      Riding clothing should fit snugly without being overly tight. Ideally, motorcycle pants need to be at least somewhat form-fitting. Otherwise, they could easily get caught on the bike. If they’re too loose, they might ride up or flap in the wind as well.

      Riding jackets should also fit well. The best motorcycle jackets are longer in the back than in the front, so they don’t ride up while you’re on the bike. They need to be slightly loose in the arms and shoulders to give you a little room to move. The cuffs should be tight, so they don’t slip over your hands and interfere with braking, throttling, and your grip on the handlebars.

      Let Us Help Equip You for the Ride

      At American Legend Rider, you’ll find a vast selection of the best motorcycle accessories and protective gear around. We offer superior choices from many of the world’s top motorcycle brands, all of which are hand-picked to suit the diverse needs of our customers.

      Safety is the most important factor when you’re out there on the road, and our team is committed to making sure you’re fully equipped for the ride. Browse our inventory of protective riding gear to see what stands out to you. Also, be sure to check out our range of accessories, including wallet chains, cupholders, phone mounts, and headwear among other essentials. When you’re gearing up for the ride, you’re sure to find everything you need and want with American Legend Rider.