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Looking for the best motorcycle protective gear online? We’ve got you covered with our extensive collection of motorcycle riding gear from world-renown brands. Enjoy amazing deals on our GRAND SALE and keep yourself safe on the road. Spice up your style with the latest biker fashion accessories and look cool wherever you go!

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Whether you are a seasoned motorcyclist, or a beginner looking for the most vital pieces of motorcycle protective gear we have exactly what you are looking for. Match up the excitement and thrill of riding with the best gear for protection, safety and comfort. At American Legend Rider, our goal is to help you realize your dream without sacrificing much in the way. Because of this, we have exclusive deals tailored for you. Choose from a wide range of biker outfits like motorcycle boots, motorcycle body armor, riding pants, and other amazing items.

Motorcycle riding boots

Are you looking for the perfect moto boots? Riding boots are without doubt one of the most important protective gear you should have. Choose from a wide range of biker shoes and boots, including the most reliable pair of leather riding boots from American Legend Rider. These leather riding boots are handmade and customized to your particular taste and preference with a special focus on protecting your lower extremities in case of an accident. 

We are so confident in our leather riding boots, that we guarantee you will like them straight away and make them your daily driver motorcycle shoes. Besides providing you with ample protection, our biker boots are made to last and stand any amount of wear and tear. In truth, they are the ultimate definition of tough. They look gorgeous and can be matched with your favorite pair of riding pants. Do not hesitate to pick your desired pair of biker boots and get mind-blowing discounts on our grand sale!

Motorcycle bags

Without adequate storage on your motorcycle, many things can go amiss. You may end up feeling limited and constrained and ultimately inconvenienced. But all your troubles can fade away with any of our spacious motorcycle bags, including motorcycle saddlebags, thigh waist bags, biker leg bags, and motorcycle luggage accessories. These bags are made out of the highest quality materials to guarantee the protection of your stuff, including being waterproof. You can select from various luggage styles depending on the type of bike, the amount of storage that you need, and even your budget. Say goodbye to storage problems and carry all that you need on your trips. Enjoy peace of mind!

Cool motorcycle helmet

Shop the best motorcycle helmet online at American Legend Stay safe on the road with the best full-face helmets and cool motorcycle helmets. A biker helmet is the most important piece of gear that you can have and also the most crucial in case of an accident. We care about your safety on the road and endeavor to bring you DOT-certified helmets. These motorcycle helmets have passed the most rigorous safety standards to ensure they absorb impact and protect you in case of an accident. Besides ensuring your safety, they come with tons of convenience features like Bluetooth communication, visors, and straps that make your riding experience flawless. Choose from different types of motorcycle helmets including half-helmets, full-face helmets, and modular helmets. Ride without any safety concerns.

Motorcycle vest

Want to look badass and stylish? A motorcycle vest is what you need for style, comfort, and protection. A motorcycle vest provides an added layer of protection should you get involved in a collision. It also keeps you warm on the chilly rides. Some of the best motorcycle vests come with multiple pockets for convenience. We all agree that a motorcycle vest is not only a nice-to-have protection gear but also a true biker fashion statement. The premium leather feel, styling, and design set these biker vests apart from any other type of riding gear. 

Leather riding pants

Ditch your street clothes and opt for better-suited leather riding pants. There are many reasons why you should always wear leather riding pants. First, they are made with a rider’s needs in mind, including consideration of ventilation, protection, and waterproofing. Wearing the right riding pants makes a huge difference when it comes to protecting critical areas like your lower extremities, hip, and knee. These are areas most exposed to impact when riding a motorcycle. Leather pants are the gold standard for protection and safety when riding a motorcycle. Should you find yourself in a high-speed crash, leather motorcycle pants will be your only buffer. And they do such an excellent job of preventing abrasion and injuries. Plus leather is extremely durable!

Riding jackets

Nothing oozes coolness and attitude like a cool leather jacket. Buying a leather riding jacket is one of the most important investments you can make for protection, safety, and style. A leather jacket provides versatility reminiscent of the iconic bad boys like Marlon Brando and James Dean. At American Legend Rider, we bring you the coolest leather riding jackets to go along with your favorite pair of pants and other riding gear.

Biker Jewelry

Want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd? Let our extensive assortment of biker jewelry do the talking for you. Choose from some of the most elegant jewelry pieces including skull bracelets, cool skull necklaces, and skull earrings. They are made out of high-quality metal like stainless steel, given a polished finish and coated with luxurious finish options like gold and silver. Our biker jewelry collection includes some of the most elegant pieces for you and your loved ones. Choose from these masterpieces and revamp your style!

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