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Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock

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A total of 46,467 motorcycles were reported stolen in the last statistics. Securing your motorcycle with proper protection may be the most reasonable thing to do. Nowadays, motorcycles are easy targets for thieves, especially for the ones without proper protection. 

The high-quality stainless steel and zinc alloy gives proper protection and serves as a quick deterrent for thieves to move elsewhere to do their crimes and leave your bike alone. The industrious black and yellow design fits perfectly if you want it to be easily spotted, keeping the thieves away from your motorcycle.

Another good thing is that this auto-resetting alarm is quite sensitive to vibrations and provides maximum protection. It goes off when it senses vibration, so even if the motorcycle is lifted off the ground, the movement will set off the alarm.

🏆 Fit For Any Motorcycle 🏆

 motorcycle alarm disc lock

Let’s mention some of the most important features here:

  • Highly robust security device;
  • Compact and lightweight so you can easily remove and put it back or put on another motorcycle; 
  • Waterproof with tamper-proof lock core, which makes it perfect for any season;
  • Tamper-proof battery door so it cannot beinterfered with or changed;
  • It's obvious that thieves don't like attention, which is perfect because this alarm disc lock contains a super loud 110dB trigger alarm that will prevent any motorcycle theft;
  • Comes with 2x Keys;
  • Deactivating the alarm is easy. You just need to insert the key and unlock the device;
  • The alarm itself can be replaced, which makes the product long-lasting and great value for the money.

With the motorcycle alarm disc lock, you also get two stainless steel keys, so if you lose one key, you have another spare. 

This feature-rich, high-quality motorcycle alarm disc lock offers complete protection and safety. It’s effective and easy to use, and the best of all is that it can fit on any motorcycle, which makes it a favorite among bike owners. So, don't wait any longer, order this Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock and protect your bike from being stolen!