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      As a biker, motorcycle luggage is part of everyday life no matter how big or small. However, this luggage can turn into pain or even a source of discomfort if you have no way to accommodate it on your bike. Whether you plan to carry your stuff on or off-the-bike, choosing the right motorcycle bag can save you headaches and make your ride smooth sailing. At American Legend Rider, we have a wide range of motorcycle bags to make your riding smooth and convenient. Check out different storage options.


      What are the different types of motorcycle bags and purses?

      There’s no destination too far if you have the right motorcycle luggage options and the right set up. There are a handful of storage options available to you for your motorcycle which you might need to consider before you set out on your riding adventure.

      First and foremost, you need to consider the right motorcycle travel bag that suits the specific design of your motorcycle. This is an absolute necessity as it allows you to bring with you stuff that’s within the handling capability of your bike. For example, a sportbike requires a much different type of motorcycle luggage than an adventure bike and this determines the bag options available for you.

      We are going to run down the various types of motorcycle travel bags and biker purses to help you make the right choice.

      Thigh bag

      A motorcycle thigh bag or motorcycle leg bag is not only stylish but also a rider’s dream. A leg bag provides an easy way to carry your essentials without needing extra equipment on your motorcycle. It can be paired with your favorite pair of pants and will look stylish when you are on or off the bike. A thigh bag is particularly useful if you are the active-lifestyle type of person. It is great for hiking, camping and engaging in most outdoor activities. When traveling on your motorcycle, a thigh bag comes in handy as a convenient pouch for handling your wallet, keys, documents and tools. We definitely recommend choosing a thigh bag if you have a few essentials to carry along on your journey and want to use them off the bike.

      Motorcycle saddlebags

      Motorcycle saddlebags have stood the test of time from the days of throw over saddlebags on horsebacks to now modern motorcycle saddlebags. The bottom line is that motorcycle saddlebags continue to be the preferred luggage option for many motorcyclists for the simple reasons of convenience and durability. However, there are different types of saddlebags including hard saddlebags and soft saddlebags which provide for your different luggage needs. At American Legend Rider, we provide you with the best motorcycle saddlebag solution so you don’t have to worry about carrying your stuff on your motorcycle.  

      Skull purse

      A skull purse is absolutely perfect for all occasions and gives you a unique style to match with your biker outlook. If you are looking for skull purses and handbags to carry your essentials, American Legend Rider has a wide array of styles and options for you to choose from. A skull purse reveals your edgy side in a subtle way and shows everyone around you what you are actually made of- boldness. Our skull purse collection includes leather skull wallets, vintage skull wallets and so much more. Skull handbags for women are some of the most stylish handbags that you can find. They are made out of durable material like high grade PU leather and Polyester ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

      Motorcycle backpack

      Choosing a motorcycle backpack can be a mixed bag of results and you should always look out for your specific needs before investing in one. If you look at it, a motorcycle back is just one of those motorcycle accessories that you take on your bike, but a decent motorcycle backpack is more than that. A good quality backpack should serve you for a longer time than you expect and never let you down when you need it the most on crucial trips. Consider the model of the backpack, the design, where you plan to ride your biker- is the motorcycle bag waterproof? Will it protect your stuff from the elements? Keeping this in mind will help you make the right decision that is worth your investment in time and money. All our motorcycle backpacks are made with rider-specific needs in mind. We guarantee to fulfill and exceed your expectations.  

      Biker wallets

      Do you value style and function? Well, a biker wallet is all you need for the absolute necessities. These biker wallets are made to perfection with a specific focus on your exact needs. Carry cash, credit cards, and IDs, without needing extra storage on your motorcycle. Made out of high quality leather, these biker wallets are a dream to have. They not only add convenience but also add style and fashion to your overall demeanor. Choose from vintage-styled skull wallets to a skull purse that awakens the rebel inside.

      What to consider when buying your next biker purse or biker bag

      A motorcycle bag is as much to function as it is to fashion. The type of biker purse or biker bag that you buy will largely reflect your personal taste and style. Besides being useful in carrying your belongings motorcycle saddlebags, purses and biker wallets should meet your needs, taste and budget. With that being said, it is important to know what to look for the next time you are out shopping for a suitable motorcycle bag. Keep in mind the following tips when buying a motorcycle bag.


      There are a variety of materials used to make motorcycle purses and bags. These materials have different properties which determine how durable, stylish or expensive the motorcycle bag is going to be. The motorcycle luggage market today is flooded with all kinds of materials including leather, nylon, plastic, and synthetic leather. Each material comes at a different price point from the other. If you are more concerned about style and function, leather would be your most suitable choice. A leather saddlebag is stylish albeit you will have to pay a much higher price. But you can be guaranteed of quality and durability. If you prefer a wet finish look on your bag, you might want to consider saddlebags made out of synthetic leather or plastic. They may not have the longevity or performance of a leather motorcycle saddlebag but provide enough storage and protection of your belongings.


      For a safe and comfortable ride, you need a bag that will accommodate all your riding gear, accessories, tools, and documents and leave room for some. For this reason, size is an important consideration. But there are a few caveats; the type of your motorcycle and design of the saddlebag will determine which size to go for. Larger motorcycles will obviously carry larger bags than a small motorcycle. This is also crucial to maintain your bike’s balance. In most cases, sportier motorbikes with large exhausts are a clear indication that they are not designed for largely-sized bags. After all, sport bikes are designed for adrenaline rather than adventure. For this reason, choosing the right size of the motorcycle bag is determined by the type of motorcycle and also the purpose of riding. The good news is that you can now go for custom motorcycle bags as an option if you have trouble finding the perfect size.

      Riding needs

      There are many different kinds of motorcycle riding bags that are designed for a specific use. It is vital to understand your unique riding needs and select a biker bag that corresponds to your riding style and needs. If you are an adventure rider, you might want to go for larger moto saddlebags with plenty of storage for riding gear, shoes, boots, and motorcycle pants. For daily drivers and track enthusiasts, small-sized motorcycle luggage bags will do the trick.


      Cost is an important factor to consider when planning to buy any type of motorcycle luggage. Despite being a prime driver in making the final purchasing decision, it is always best to consider quality and function before looking at how much you will pay. A motorcycle bag is a long term investment that you cannot afford to cheap out on. Fortunately, there are many saddlebag options available today that cover all price points and give a good return on your investment. So you have more than a few options to consider when buying saddlebags that meet your budget. A great way to cut costs is to take advantage of exclusive discounts and offers available at our store. We remain competitive when it comes to affordable biker bags at great quality.

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