Vance Women's Deep Pocket Motorcycle Leather Chaps Size Guide


Step 1: Measure Yourself
Your measurements will be most accurate if someone else measures you.


Step 2: Find the Right Size
Use the chart below to determine your size.

 Size Thigh measurement (in)
XS 22
S 23
M 24
L 25
XL 26
2XL 27
3XL 28
4XL 29
5XL 30


HOW TO DETERMINE SIZE: Please measure the thickest part of your thigh (circumference around your thigh at the thickest part) using a cloth tape measure. Be sure to take this measurement with your jeans ON.

Note: Length is approximately 44" and the inseam is approximately 34". You can cut according to your height and no hemming is required. This will not spoil the look or fit of the chaps and also will not remove all the snaps.