Windproof Motorcycle Goggles

  • Tired of getting dust in your eyes when driving? These windproof goggles are the perfect fashion accessory for any biker and look great but more than that they perform an important job of protecting your eyes.

    ✔ Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality
    ✔ Frame: ABS
    ✔ Lens: PC Lens
    ✔ Sponge Frame: Sponge covered by corium
    ✔ Silicone strap: High Elastic
    ✔ Higher hardened surface, good anti-chemical; and the stronger elasticity bring less deformation or any broken.
    ✔ The glass can be hardened, coated, anti-fog. After be hardened, the glass have good anti-impact and anti-scratch; after be coated, the glass have good anti-impact and anti-scratch and 100% anti-UV, ext.
    ✔ Safely cling to face, the softly & exquisite material void to bring any unsuitable feeling to face.
    ✔ Adjustable non-slip (or common high elastic strap; can be adapted to any size of head- wear.
    ✔ Use optics design of the human body, have good exhaust ventilation, widely vision and can avoid strong winds, snow grains and all kind of strong light

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