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The Downside of Being a Motorcycle Rider

August 10, 2019 3 min read 0 Comments

The Downside of Being a Motorcycle Rider

Let’s face it; there are two sides of a coin, and owning a motorcycle can be both a blessing and a pain. Save for the thrilling experience and sense of pride that comes with owning a fast bike; there are distinct disadvantages that come along with having one...

As much as I love these incredible machines, there are specific pain points that I have to deal with every so often. Bikers will quite often ignore these downsides, but they are very much a part of their daily experience. If you are a real biker, you’ve had the chance to ponder some of these disadvantages.

You are often pissed off by people in cars

Four-wheelers will feel more entitled to your space than you do and show no respect most of the time. Any experienced rider will attest to the fact that sooner or later someone is going to change lanes hard and nearly knock you off because “they didn’t see you”. While riding safe may be your only priority, some things you can’t simply avoid entirely. As a result, you may find yourself red with anger when someone disregards your right of way. It is infuriating to have to deal with all kinds of motorists. But that’s just another day in the life of a motorcycle rider. The only option will be to get used to it or run out of steam.

Safety is not so great

Owning a motorcycle exposes you to more danger with very little protection in the way. Unlike cars which have seat belts, airbags and tons of safety features, the best you can get with a motorcycle is your helmet. Even then, other parts of your body like legs and hands are exposed to impact, leaving you vulnerable to serious injuries in case of an accident. Imagine being sent flying over your bike and then landing on the hard asphalt. That must be pretty painful to watch leave alone being the victim. At the very least, a helmet is necessary to stand any chance of survival.

Weather can be a problem

The rain can pound your bike and head with fury and vengeance, but you will have no way to prevent it. The sun can burn your skin and raise your body temperature to the extremes, and the only option you are left with is to make a stop. A car has a roof to protect you from the elements. But a motorbike has little to offer in that respect. It is also less safe to ride in the rain, especially when the gods are playing with lightning. A lightning bolt may send you to your grave and in the most gruesome way. Not to mention, the slippery road reduces traction and affects your ability to control your bike, making it less safe to ride in wet conditions. Unless you are a hardcore who will ride come hell or high water, then you may want to avoid the bad weather at all cost.   

You are the recipient of the dirty mess

So, you are happily cruising on the motorway when a fecking smoker tosses away their cigarette out of the window only to meet you on the side. What a dirty mess? You must think or curse at the same time. But this is not an isolated case and has happened to me before. Some motorists have the notorious habit of throwing things out of the window without looking who’s on the side or behind them. You can be the victim of such littering which can make a dirty mess on your riding gear. You will be maddened much like anybody else would if that happens to them. Also, you are exposed to all kinds of pollution on the road, including smoke and exhaust fumes, which can cause irritability.

There’s no denying that the freedom and exhilaration of being a motorbike owner are unmatched by anything else. But we must also look at the unlikely dark side and ponder about it as well. Motorcycles bring an intense feeling of freedom and unity and help us rediscover our passions and love for the unknown. That’s why we love motorcycles!