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1%ER Man Ring

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The outlaws rule the road and call the shots! Show your rebel side with one of these amazing personalized 1%Er men's biker rings. It is specially handcrafted and created just for the biker series. The shank of the ring is supremely polished to give it an unmistakable sparkle from afar. It features a diamond-shaped head with the '1%ER' written on it, with two skulls from each side to give you the distinctive stamp of a true biker outlaw.

This 1%Er biker ring is made from top-grade stainless steel and forged to life by the skilled hands of some of the best jewelers. This is the same tough titanium steel that is used in sophisticated architectural works, plates, rods, and marine environments.

Only a few rings can match the quality of this titanium steel 1%Er biker ring. It will absolutely not rust, fade or change color no matter how long you wear it.

  • Made from high-grade titanium steel. Titanium has a high density. It is skin-friendly since it isn't usually mixed with other allergenic metals, so even people prone to metal allergies can wear titanium without worry.
  • It is stunning and shines powerfully with a silver sheen, so it can hardly go unnoticed.
  • The engraving is beautifully and professionally executed and dominates the whole look.
  • On both sides of the diamond patch, two skulls are engraved, which ultimately complements the biker image of this beautiful ring.
  • Guaranteed to fit - choose from many available sizes.
  • Tough and durable - due to the quality of materials it is made from.
  • 35 available only!

If you really consider yourself a 1%Er, who stands out from the crowd, this piece of jewelry is just made for you. What more could a free biker want? Get the 1%Er Men's Ring now and let it shine powerfully on your hand as you cruise the roads!

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