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2 Pcs Guardian® More Than a Handful of Boobies Bell

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As a rider, you are familiar with the legend about Guardian Bells and why bikers simply adore to hang them on their motorcycles. In the biker community known also as Spirit Bells, or Gremlin Bells, these Guardian Bells offer protection to motorcyclists from evil spirits while on the road. 


It is believed that these evil spirits are looking for riders on highways, ready to make some mischief. So, if you've experienced some unusual electrical or mechanical problems on your motorcycle, blame it on the gremlins. 


This Guardian® More Than a Handful of Boobies Bell is a cool way to stay protected from these spirits. As the legend says, these Guardian Bells will successfully trap the evil spirits inside where the bell’s constant ringing drives them sick until they lose their grip and fall to the ground, creating potholes as they go. They will stay on the road until they find another motorcyclist to torment.


  • Made in the USA: Phoenix, AZ,
  • Made from durable pewter,
  • Comes with a key ring, a black velvet pouch, and a unique legend card
  • Small "good luck" bell to ward off evil spirits,
  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 1",
  • Weight: 0.093 lbs,
  • Great gift idea,
  • The minimum order quantity is 2 pieces.


For this Guardian® More Than a Handful of Boobies Bell to successfully protect you from evil spirits, there are some 'rules' you should follow: 


  • A Guardian Bell should be given as a gift.As per the legend, a Guardian bell is "activated" by the gesture of goodwill when a rider gives it to another rider they care about as a gift.
  • The Guardian Bell should be hanged to the lowest frame of the motorcycle. The legend says that the first thing these evil spirits attach to is the lowest frame of the motorcycles, so hanging your Guardian Bell there will immediately capture them. 
  • You should remove the Guardian Bell if you plan to sell your motorcycle. For the Guardian Bell to keep its power, it is believed that if you sell your bike, but still want to give it to the new owner, you should firstly remove it and then give it. A Guardian bell given without the goodwill of the owner will lose its evil-spirits-fighting mojo.
  • If a Guardian Bell is stolen, the spirits go with it. Goodwill is the key to the Guardian Bells' power. So, if someone steals it, the Guardian bell loses the power… and the karma will do the rest.


If you want to show the fellow riders you care about them, gifting them this Guardian® More Than a Handful of Boobies Bell is an awesome way to do it.